• Review: Munin

    Wits must he have who wanders wide, For all is easy at home. At the witless man the wise shall wink, When among such men he sits. So ends…
  • NAG Magazine: October 2014 issue

    rAge. Issue. rAge issue. Issue of rAge. October, also. That’s it. You can all go home now.
  • Review: Destiny

    Reviewed in a vacuum, Destiny would be the most competent of shooter experiences. If the merit of a game was based solely on its fundamental mechanics and whether or…
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    Why are you reading this? Why aren’t you playing Activision’s Destiny – the biggest baddest bestest shooter that ever big-bad-best-shot – right now? Have you been watching the live streams…
  • NAG Magazine: September 2014 issue

    UPDATE: Most stores in Cape Town will only be receiving their copies of NAG on Friday the 5th of September due to a distribution niggle. Sorry! Spring! September is…
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    While we were at Gamescom a few weeks back, we got to check out The Witcher 3. We also managed to pin down Michal Stec, the game’s art producer,…

windows 10 device family

One product family, one platform, one store, eh? Well it sounds appealing and all, but Microsoft needs to deliver on this promise lest they fall further down the slope in the mobile and other emerging markets in the tech world like projected screens. While their engineers toil away in the Redmond campus, though, the company showed off Windows 10 to the world. Unnoticed by others, though, they showed off overhauled user interfaces for their other devices as well. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump to find out!


Borderlands Pre Sequel

At rAge 2014, Megarom will be using stands 42 and 75 to showcase most of the games we’re currently salivating over.  Hit the jump to see what’s worth standing in line for.


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When Wesley dictated that Rickismo Afrikanus be the most beneficent dictator he could possibly be in Tropico 3 (a management sim in which you play the bumbling dictator of a tropical paradise), he thought he was giving him a challenge. He thought that Rickismo – author, velvet revolutionary, multi-award winning Noble (sic) Laureate* and the people’s greatest but most humble servant — could not possibly achieve peaceful rule of the like not experienced since the Renaissance.

But there are two things you must know about Rickismo: he refers to himself in third-person — always — and that whilst his humility is second to none, it’s an undeniable fact that he single-handedly thwarted eighteen increasingly convoluted assassination attempts (the last involving a silky llama, a whip, and a promising cabaret invitation).

Rickismo is no stranger to adversity: indeed, he welcomes it as a common-but-no-less-valuable Tropican may welcome air to breathe, or decent living wages, or rights. And while the challenges were great, he succeeded where lesser men and women would have failed, thanks in minor part to his peoples’ tireless efforts but largely due to his eleemosynary [I've just Googled this word, and it is not at all what I was expecting. Make of that what you will. – Ed.] gaze.

What follows is Rickismo’s extensive, detailed and objective account of his leadership, insights, wisdom and fiscal acuity, as documented by that most competent and impartial biographer: himself.


windows 10 device family

Last night Microsoft revealed their next version of Windows to a small audience of about sixty persons. It was a very low-key affair with very little fanfare and hype and it brings me back to the days of the early reveal of Windows 7. Back then, things were also subdued and understated and Microsoft, eager to get rid of Vista’s stigma, showed that they were changing things a little bit and taking concepts from XP and Vista and bringing them together, but not in a way that would alienate everyone altogether.

I get the same vibe from the Windows 10 reveal last night and I have to admit that I’m feeling a lot more positive about the PC world now that Microsoft openly admits that Windows 8 was not as successful or as good as they hoped it would be. Cue lots of humble pie and a focus on returning the PC to its proper place in the computing hierarchy with the other devices now alongside it, instead of being under or above the PC’s importance.



BioWare’s third instalment in their fantasy RPG series is out on 21 November for us here in South Africa. As such, expect the Hype Train to be pulling out of Grand Hype Central Station as the next few weeks continue.

To kick things off on our rapid journey to release date, BioWare has released a three-minute video segment showing off the rather impressive character creation tool. For many, designing the perfect RPG character is one of the biggest enjoyments to be found in sprawling fantasy epics. BioWare seems to have you covered in that regard.

Don’t forget, there are four playable races to choose from: human, dwarf, elf and qunari. You’ll get to see examples of all of them in the video. The character creation tool looks to be one of the more thorough we’ve seen in years. Check it out after the jump.



Everybody has an off day. You know how it is – you wake up, and somehow things just feel dreary. You can scarcely find the motivation to brush your teeth, let alone be productive.

Not every man is willing to admit that. I am not every man; that would be impossible. Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that yesterday was my off-day. It was also the day I wrote this column. So I’m warning you now – it’s not very good. I couldn’t even be bothered to form a coherent theme, instead I just elected to rant/ramble about five, completely unrelated things.

Even the header image makes no sense. I just used a Gordon Freeman picture there brcause I like it. There is no Half-Life related content in here. Leave now to avoid disappointment.

Hit the jump if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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sony playstation family

If you haven’t caught today’s commotion, let me fill you in. Sony dropped a bombshell on everyone late this evening, notifying everyone that from tomorrow, 1 October 2014, PlayStation Plus subscriptions are increasing by a whopping 53%. The old price for a year-long subscription was R489. From tomorrow, you’ll be paying R749, almost the price of a new game, for the privilege of online multiplayer and free games on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Hit the jump to find out more and if you’re reading this article tonight, please share it with others who have subs going off in the next year in order for everyone to implement the workaround to save them from paying the horribly disproportionate increase.


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Wits must he have who wanders wide,
For all is easy at home.
At the witless man the wise shall wink,
When among such men he sits.

So ends Munin after thirteen hours of tricks and tenacity, and I’m all the better for it. Munin is a puzzle game in which you play the titular character Munin — one of Odin’s crows — who, according to Nordic myth, travels the globe each day with his brother Hugin to report all that they have seen and heard.

In a cruel trick by Loki, you’ve been cast into the body of a rather dour-looking human and your memory scattered throughout Yggdrasil in feather fragments. Munin sees you bedeviled throughout nine realms, each with a number of stages inspired by locations within Nordic legend, in search of your memory.

Munin is quite minimal in its presentation. Opening with a short poem (based on the poetic Edda, a collection of heroic ballads that serve as the primary source of Scandinavian mythology), each area is presented in a semi-animated watercolour style that provides a certain ambiance to the stage without being too distracting. Whether traversing the spiritscape of Hel or the frozen wastes of Niflheim, each area captures an austere mood very much in tone of the epics on which they’re based.



Those of you who have already begun playing FIFA 15 may have been disappointed (or pleased) by the fact that Luis Suarez’ real-life ban from football has been included in the game. This means that not only is the player unavailable in single-player modes, but he is also completely unavailable in the game’s flagship Ultimate Team mode.


Nintendo cover

The Big N has really been having a good year so far. Sales are up, games are coming out, and the Princess is in the right castle. Hit the jump to see what Nintendo will be bringing to rAge 2014.


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You hear that, Glorious Master Race? You don’t need to play the whole of Destiny, because the BEST part of Destiny is now on PC! It’s called Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator and it’s all yours for the low, low price of FREE. See? We told you Destiny would come to PC eventually.

You can play arguably the best part of Destiny in your web browser right this moment. Just head over here.  And if you have no idea what is going on right now, click this.


On Friday (or today if you’re a card-carrying member of the Glorious PC Master Race) Monolith Productions’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those still gaming away on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will need to wait until mid-November. The game is doing very well in reviews so far, so that’s exciting.

What’s maybe a little less exciting is the announcement of a Season Pass. All the cool games are doing it, so why not Mordor too? As is the norm, publisher Warner Bros. has hidden away some really neat content in the game’s DLC. Hey, at least it’s not a pre-order bonus right? Guys?

The Shadow of Mordor Season Pass brings three sets of story missions to the game. One of those, entitled The Bright Lord, allows you to play as elven ring-smith Celebrimbor as he leads an army to fight Sauron. That will culminate in a face-off against the dark lord himself. Sounds awesome! Too bad it’s not in the main game.



One of the more eye-catching debuts at this year’s Gamescom was rollercoaster creation game ScreamRide. The game is being created by Frontier Developments – the same team behind Zoo Tycoon and upcoming space simulator Elite: Dangerous.

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive allows players to create their own rollercoasters to send hapless NPC riders to their very likely demise. I’m pretty sure that’s not the objective here, but there’s something macabrely appealing about the little alerts saying “Rider Ejected” as your latest harebrained deathtrap barrels its way around a track.

Did I mention there’s also building demolition in the game? Because that seems to be a thing that’s wildly entertaining: watching rollercoasters fly off the rails (that you just happened to neglect to finish) and smashing into skyscrapers. Hit a building at the right spot and the whole thing comes tumbling down. Again, I’m not too sure whether this is the objective, but it looks like sadistic, destructive fun and I’m always down for a spot of that.



For all the negativity around Early Access and Kickstarter, it’s still refreshing to savour the buffet of ideas on display; Battle Chef Brigade is one of those piquant treats that distinguishes itself from the other dishes on offer in its quirky mix of gameplay mechanics.

Battle Chef Brigade is a side-scrolling brawler which sees you, an aspirant battle chef, killing monsters for fresh ingredients to cook a variety of cullinary delights for the judges of the annual Battle Chef Royale in an bid to join the elite martial arts-martial-cooking-martial-awesome Battle Chef Brigade. It calls to mind Odin Sphere in both its 2D-scrolling combat and its need to collect fresh ingredients from the battlefield and the subsequent recipes you could employ to make various stat-boosting meals.

Similarly, like Odin Sphere, Battle Chef Brigade looks set to be a looker, another one of these fangled hand-animated games in the traditional style; the spotlight chef Mina is particularly expressive. Given my past interests, I guess I’m just a sucker for well-animated games.

Battle Chef Brigade is looking for a rather modest $38,000 and seems well on its way to hitting the goal; if you’re interested, you can check out the Kickstarter here, or hit the jump for some extreme Fantasy Masterchef action.



Iain Heath (aka: Ochre Jelly) is a Master Builder. He could very well be one of those minifig characters inside the Dog during that scene in The LEGO Movie. His latest work is a four scene diorama from Id Software’s Doom. It’s spectacular.

It’s spectacular because it has convincing builds of Cacodemons and Revenants; because it captures the 2D sprite design of a dead Imp; because the shotgun shells really do look like that when they’re lying on the floor and ready to be picked up; because dying Doom marines really do clutch their throats when they’re on the way out. Honestly, this is amazing. And now I want a LEGO Cacodemon to hover above my PC screen. I want one SO BADLY, you guys. SO BADLY.

Also, in case this wasn’t already the greatest thing you’ll see online this week, there’s a video flythrough! It even has one of the most iconic pieces of Doom music. Gosh, I feel like I need to give this Ochre Jelly guy a hug. Week. Made.


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rAge issue.

Issue of rAge.

October, also.

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