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Growing up as a gamer, my first interaction with high-end peripherals was, predictably, with Logitech. The company has been a stalwart in the PC peripherals market for over three decades and I’m certainly not the only gamer in the world who has fond memories of their stuff. I sat down with Robert Anderson, Logitech’s country sales manager for South Africa, to not only play a little with the brand-spanking-new G910 Orion Spark gaming keyboard, but also the increasingly popular G402 Hyperion gaming mouse.


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Have you played Alien: Isolation yet? No? Well why not?! “Because I don’t own it” is not a valid excuse. We’d like to rectify your failure to play the finest Alien game in existence by offering you the chance to win a free copy of it, along with a bunch of cool Alien: Isolation goodies and a pair of (somehow completely unrelated) Blu-ray films.

This is a good thing, because free stuff makes any already-awesome Friday even better.




Some of you will have seen the first part of this gameplay video for Remedy Entertainment’s Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. This sequence of the game was originally shown off at Gamescom back in August, but Remedy has just released an extended version for everyone to ogle.

And ogle you most certainly will: Quantum Break is looking like one amazing exclusive for Microsoft. Those of you with an Xbox One have got something to look forward to; those of you without will just have to hope that Remedy releases Quantum Break on the PC, like they did with Xbox 360 “exclusive” Alan Wake.



While the GamerGate fiasco continues to bully its way across the industry, one company has been completely caught in the crossfire: online game store GamersGate.com. That all-important “s” in the middle there is what to look out for.

According to company CEO Theodore Bergqvist, GamersGate.com has fielded constant threats and harassment ever since the GamerGate movement began drawing negative attention. In early October, the website was unreachable for many, and it was suspected that the company had been a victim of a DDoS attack.




Well then, Halo: Nightfall is looking pretty darn good. The upcoming live-action series produced by Ridley Scott will fill the narrative gap between the events of Halo 4 and Halo 5. It’ll star a new character called Agent Locke (played by Mike Colter); Locke will also be a playable character in Halo 5.

This new trailer is an extended version of the one that was released a few months ago. With the Halo: Master Chief Collection heading to Xbox One on 11 November, it seems like a good time to remind the world that Nightfall is coming as well, despite the fact that Microsoft’s TV studio, Xbox Originals, is already dead.

The new Nightfall trailer introduces a few more characters, shows off a lot of familiar weapons (which look really amazing) and gives a glimpse of an Elite. Got to admit, I kind of really want to watch this.



Before Apogee became 3D Realms, their name was synonymous with the shareware scene in the early-to-mid 90’s. Now, they’re offering some of their most acclaimed titles for sale in a massive anthology with no less than 32 classic games packaged inside a pretty sweet deal.

The 3D Realms Anthology is a rather beefy collection, including great oldies like Commander Keen, Wacky Wheels, Terminal Velocity, Rise Of The Triad and the original Duke Nukem trilogy. Notably absent entries include Max Payne, Prey and Duke Nukem Forever. Licensing and ownership issues are no doubt at work here, and while we can forgive the exclusion of the latter, the two former entries will indeed be missed. Though, they would nonetheless be at odds with the otherwise “retro” theme of the rest of the package.

Best of all, everything comes bundled with a custom-made Windows launcher, ensuring that compatibility on modern versions of Windows is not an issue. Grab the goods for a measly $19.99.

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On the NAG Online Podcast we don’t get too philosophical about things, but this episode has a good amount of time devoted to this despicable idea that running a game at 30fps feels more “cinematic.” Its a trend being perpetuated by far too many developers and publishers, two of the biggest ones being Ubisoft and Tango Gameworks. Elsewhere in this episode, we kill off Rick with a super venus fly trap, discover that straight-backed women are a controversial topic and I learn that people don’t like it when I’m asked about Linux distributions! All this and more sexy ramblings after the jump.



UPDATE: the new content is live and will automagically download next time you launch; it’s 2.7 GB.

For the six of you in South Africa who are playing Titanfall, Respawn has announced that an upcoming content update will bring a Horde more called Frontier Defense.

Frontier Defense will put four players together to battle increasingly difficult waves of AI-controlled enemies. Respawn has said that we can expect new enemy types alongside some variations of Titans and Spectres. In the demo that was streamed by Respawn over Twitch, Militia forces had to protect a harvester from IMC attack. Players were able to deploy fixed turrets and swap their weapon loadouts at Loadout Crates found near the specific defence objective. If you’re killed, you get flown back into the fray, but you can also fire down on the battle from the safety of the drop ship.



Hello, person! How would you like some free movies, watchable using human eyes via various technological magicks?

Take my hand, and let’s go on an adventure.




Papers, Please designer Lucas Pope embarked on an interesting design challenge in May – a first-person mystery game set on derelict Indiaman during the early 19th century rendered entirely in black and white, Return of the Obra Dinn. And while the sail has yet to be fully hoisted and the compass set, he’s released an early development build for people to play, and the results are… curious.

While the effect is interesting, I’m not sure how much it will add to the overall game, but as an aesthetic choice it’s certainly striking. I’m not going to reveal too much given that there’s not much in the demo just yet, but considering Pope’s previous works it’s one to keep an eye on.

Judge for yourself and begin your investigations here.

Source: Lucas Pope

So, we don’t often post movie news on the website, but in this case we’re making an exception for two reasons: 1) this is the first trailer for the next Avengers films and 2) there’s a lot of it that’s been filmed in South Africa. Heck, the trailer starts with a panoramic shot of Johannesburg, which makes for a really nice break from movie trailers starting with shots of New York. You’ll also get to see some of SA’s finest SAPS officers unloading clips at… something. Check it out! We’re famous!

Civilisation Beyond Earth

While Firaxis Games gears up for Civilisation: Beyond Earth‘s launch taking place in just two day’s time, 2K Games has been pushing Aspyr Media, the company doing the port of Beyond Earth to Linux and Mac platforms, to launch the game before the end of the year. Aspyr yesterday revealed that the game was on schedule and would come with bonuses for Mac and Linux gamers.


While Nvidia is whipping up a storm thanks to the Big Maxwell graphics cards, AMD is trying to downplay it as much as possible by dropping prices of its products everywhere. The latest cuts come to the APU family and will start in the US and Canada, slowly making their way to other parts of the world eventually. The quad-core A10-7850K drops $37 to fall to $143, the A10-7800 sheds $32 to drop to $133, the A10-7700K drops from $160 to $123, the A8-7600 sees a small decrease from $110 to $92 and the dual-core, unlocked A6-7400K drops from $85 to $58, making it the best-value budget chip underneath the Intel Pentium G3258.

AMD says these price cuts are permanent and will be the new recommended retail price moving forward. I hope we see them soon because I’d like to have more APUs in my Builder’s Guide again. Seeing a A10-7850K for almost the same price as a Core i5-4690K breaks my heart.

Source: Tech Report

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Play Dota 2!” was what came from Chris Kemp’s mic. “But it’s not enough that you just play it”, he elaborated. “I need you to be competent at it.”

With those simple words, my course was set: I was to play Dota 2, against humans, and get a killing spree. Three kills in a row. How bad could it be?


bright future ahead

For the first time in a long time, I feel enthusiastic about the immediate future of gaming – at least, that is, for the next year or so.

I’ve been pretty vocal on this site about my distaste for the dull, mass-produced AAA clones that are coming out of publishers these days, a whole lot of the same without much interest in originality or innovation.

But, I’m cautiously optimistic that there’s an actual shift happening right now.




Yesterday, news hit that a particularly disgruntled developer called Mike Maulbeck tweeted a series of angry outbursts in response to Valve making a posting error for his new game. The first-person roguelike, Paranautical Activity, was mistakenly referred to as an Early Access title when it was, in fact, a finished product meant for the front page of Steam’s New Release section. Maulbeck’s anger culminated in him tweeting that he was going to “kill Gabe Newell”. Valve promptly responded by removing Paranautical Activity from Steam.

About 24 hours later, Maulbeck resigned from indie development team Code Avarice. Not only has Maulbeck resigned, but he has sold off all of his shares and relinquished any rights to intellectual properties and profits from Paranautical Activity. He will have no claim to any future Code Avarice titles. In his own words, “I’m out.”


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