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Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata appeared at a conference during Paris Games Week to show off an amazing tech demo of the game, focusing on the power of the new Luminous engine. The video showcased the game’s day/night cycle, weather, facial simulation technology, terrain editor, animation, artificial intelligence, and particle visual effects. If you weren’t already excited for another grandiose entry in the JRPG franchise, hit the jump to get excited.


Prey 2

“Enisi, why are they doing this to us?!” Well guys, there won’t be a Prey 2 after all. After the sleeper success of the first one which I have a copy of and enjoyed far too much (despite some of the gameplay elements not coming together as well as I’d hoped) it was easily one of the best games of 2006. In an interview with CNET at PAX Australia recently, Bethesda’s vice president Pete Hines confirmed that the game that was to be Prey 2 has been shelved.



It’s Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than a sale? For the rest of the weekend, you’ll be able to pick up infernal treats of your choosing from Steam at a discount, no tricks required — although some would say Gabe Newel is the greatest trickster of all, getting both trick and treat. Is there any money not currently within his nefarious grasp? ‘Tis hard to say. Reliable sources tell me he’s a vampire; an awesome vampire, glittering with the dust of ground-up currency, but nevertheless.

You get a number of horror-themed games for discounts of up to 85%. Spore and Prison Architect are odd choices in the mix; perhaps some sort of subtle commentary on real-world horror? Anyway, hit up the Steam page for the full list.

Source: Steam


Hatred is one of the most juvenile, pornographic, disturbing  games revealed in recent memory. It’s also one of the most interesti— no, wait, come back! Hear me out, sceptics.

To be clear, let me state upfront that I don’t like the premise of Hatred. I find it uncomfortable at best, downright vile at worst. The trailer’s choice of close-up victims is also worrying, given the dev’s alleged political views (more on this in a bit). And if Hatred existed in a vacuum, it’s relevance would be zero. The developers declare it’s a response to video games languishing under some imagined politically-correct critatorship, which seems absurd if you look at the release schedule for next quarter, or the following one, or forever.

Instead, its value lies in its role as a foil to other games, a mirror that reflects rote mechanics, shallow motivations and lazy rationale for the many in-game activities we engage. Similarly, Hatred stands in contrast to the thoughtful and benign approach the industry has taken in the kind of games it puts front and center of the public eye; while the medium is evolving, it still remains a highly commercial enterprise and one where hard-won PR with the general populace is rigorously defended.




Microsoft has released a Halo 2 Anniversary cinematic launch trailer, offering a glimpse at the crisp quality of the remake’s new cut-scenes. The game is included as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and will include completely new cinematics created specifically for the special release. These cut-scenes will allow players to discover new story elements while enjoying the prettier, updated visuals. Hit the jump to see just how pretty they really are.


Youtube is switching things up a bit by finally enabling 60fps video support for new video uploads and uploads where the source video was already over 30fps. Its a tricky thing to get working properly in all browsers, but if you’re using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari, you can check it out already. Load up the video in either browser and set the streaming quality option for 720p60 or 1080p60, depending on what your internet connection can muster. Make sure its in full screen as well.


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You may recall that former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega’s lawsuit with Activision was heading off to the Los Angeles Supreme Court after he sued Activision for using his likeness in Call of Duty: Black Ops II without his permission in addition to making his character in the game indulge in numerous crimes against his people. Noriega argued that the game was benefiting on his likeness’ inclusion in the game and that he was therefore entitled to a share of Activision’s profits.

Judge William Fahey of the Los Angeles Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit with costs,  saying in part “This court concludes that Noriega’s right of publicity is outweighed by defendants’ First Amendment right to free expression.” The judgement was handed down on 22 September 2014.

Source: Activision Blizzard


If you’re a gamer online, there’s very little chance that you’ve not heard of what will be remembered as the defining moment for gaming in 2014: the infamous GamerGate. It’s a controversial movement, one which has resulted in several women — reviewers, critics and developers — being subject to death threats, online harassment and general unpleasantness in a quest for, “ethics in video game journalism”.

It grabbed the public media’s attention when the New York Times ran a story on their front page, and since then there’s been a series of mainstream interviews with the likes of Zoe Quinn who was subject to a hit-piece by an ex-boyfriend, the catalyst to the whole sordid affair.

Now comedian slash political satirist slash media critic slash AMERICAN F’ YEAH Stephen Colbert has taken GamerGate on, interviewing Anita Sarkeesian on his topical evening show, The Colbert Report. The show has an average of 1.2 million viewers for any given episode, so it has widespread appeal and reach and — given the nature of the interview — was probably not  how proponents of GamerGate would have preferred the narrative to be presented.

You can see the full segment after the jump, and while there are some issues (His reliance on a number of gamer stereotypes were at odds with his usually incisive, on-point wit. “Separate but equal games” was brilliant, though.) it nevertheless drives home the point that the general perception of GamerGate’s activities is seen to be at odds with its stated goal of ethics in video game journalism.




For Assassin’s Creed Unity and a few other Ubisoft games that have hit the desktop recently (Black Flag, Watch Dogs) Nvidia has been working with Ubisoft’s studios to implement features driven by their Gameworks one-stop effects shop. Gameworks allows developers to include these features easily into their games to save on development time and to reduce the expenditure required to put in advanced tricks like water physics and better anti-aliasing techniques. Hit the jump to check out the “tech demo” and see for yourself what they’re promising for Unity when it hits the desktop.


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With myself busy wrapping up  several reviews, Matthew writing his final pieces of his creative writing portfolio for college, Chris preparing for exams and Delano with his injured ankle that he’s been sorely tempted to saw off about a hundred times now, we’re going to give this week a skip. When the podcast resumes on 5 November, we’ll have some format changes that we hope will work out for the better. We have a decent amount of listeners downloading the podcast as it is, but we’d like to see that grow and we’ll be trying on something new in the hopes that we’ll achieve that. Until next time!

We recently had an incident on episode 13 of the NAG Online Podcast where we unfairly misrepresented one of our competition sponsors, CloudGate, and their product offering. This was a gross failing both in providing an unbiased platform for our sponsors as well as NAG’s responsibility to accurately report on the product’s specifications, intended use and target market for our readers, who look to our writers for fair and balanced reporting.

For that I – and the entire NAG team – profusely and humbly apologise, and would like to indicate we are in the process of implementing several changes to the podcast’s format and planning that will prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

More importantly, we want to address the discussion and incorrect statements made.



I’m noticing a recent trend, and I’m none too happy about it – games being capped at 30fps. Is this even a “recent” trend?

I’m not sure. Maybe it’s been quietly sneaking up on me this whole time and I just haven’t noticed.

Regardless, I’m suitably worked up about it to write a column about how dumb this is, and I’ll even provide proof and stuff.




The wise, reclusive mountainfolk of Kyrat live their lives according to a powerfully poignant saying. “It matters not if you are ready for November. November is always ready for you.” Drink that in for a moment.

Okay, so it’s not actually particularly poignant and it’s weirdly date-specific, but the Kyratians swear by it nevertheless. And it’s especially pertinent right now, because November is rapidly approaching and WE ARE NOT READY.

That, and we’ve got Far Cry 4 on the cover of our November issue. Kyrat will never be the same again.



LG mobile chip

In a move that’s going to wiggle the mobile world a little bit, LG Electronics have announced they will begin manufacturing their own ARM processors for their mobile phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices. This is a big jump up from what the company used to do, which was buy out a chipset from Qualcomm and customise parts of it to suit their needs. Now the company is using the big.LITTLE design from ARM (just like Samsung’s Exynos) and this is going into all of their products coming in the future.




Valkyria Chronicles, the exclusive squad-based turned-based third-person tactical RPG, made a bit of a splash when it landed on the PS3. For those that aren’t aware, Valkyria Chronicles is set in an alternate history Europe, in which WWII-era technology and weaponry is mixed with a bit of mysticism. As nations come to blows over a precious resource, Ragnite, the small independent nation of Gallia is thrust into the the fray.

The game mixes turn-based movement with third-person shooter mechanics and relies heavily on positioning and ensuring the correct use of your troops, all who improve over time and have several characteristics, throughout the course of the campaign.

Critically acclaimed for both its unique artistic presentation and putting a spin on the turned-based RPG genre, the game nevertheless failed to sell well in its initial launch window, only picking up thanks to a significant price drop. Well, Valkyria Chronicles is getting second call to arms; a sharp-eyed NeoGAF scout marked the position of a PC rating on the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) website, the European rating body for video games, with a release date of the 16th October. Wait, what?



Oldschool gaming mecca, GOG.com, is scheduled to reveal a new partnership between itself and Disney that will see a collection of LucasArts games arriving on the DRM-free store. If you head over to GOG.com you’ll see a count-down timer that is due to end today at 16:00 local South African time. GOG forum members somehow came across the full announcement, which resulted in GOG releasing the information regarding the Disney deal. Don’t go looking for it however; it’s been removed, and the countdown timer has been restarted.

Before GOG removed their early announcement, it was revealed that classic space sims Star Wars: X-Wing and its sequel Star Wars: TIE Fighter are heading to GOG. Each game will cost $9.99 but will include all the expansion packs that each game received.


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