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It is, without a doubt, the most anticipated multiplayer game of 2015. Everyone seems to want Evolve in their veins and not only has Turtle Rock Studios done a great job in keeping the hype in check and giving gamers the dirty details in the right way and at the right time, but they’ve also helped spur along the creation of a new genre: the Asymmetrical Multiplayer Co-op Tactical Shooter (which I coined myself and abbreviate as AMCOTS). Though other games have had their hand in producing games that adhere to the AMCOTS style of play, Evolve is one of the bigger AAA releases that is getting all the attention.

With bundles of nerves, the NAG Online Podcast Team sat down for a match on Friday evening after the rAge Expo 2014 closed for the day and later wrote our first impressions. Hit the jump for expert analysis, killer-flytraps, and exactly as much professionalism as you’d expect.



If you’ve been following the furore surrounding the long-dead Star Wars: Battlefront 3, then you’ll know that it’s a sordid tale that dates all the way back to 2008. Heck, it goes back even further to 2006 because that’s when development of the ill-fated game actually kicked off.

Fast forward eight years and the Internet is still fawning over the long-lost title, trying to imagine what might have been had LucasArts and developer Free Radical Design not wanted to punch each other in the face.

There’s been leaked pre-alpha footage before, but a curious upload to YouTube has unveiled another 30 minutes of very rough gameplay. The two new videos show off further pre-alpha footage, so there’s a lot of placeholder items and missing textures. You can check it out for yourself after the jump. After that take solace in the fact that EA and DICE are reviving the franchise. We’ll probably see a lot more at E3 next year. Possibly. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that. If it’s true, then totally quote me on that.


I was really, really hoping that Cloudgate was the codename given to humanity’s top-secret attempt to accurately recreate BioShock Infinite‘s floating city of Columbia in real life. Alas, it’s not meant to be. I’m officially ready to retreat into the wilderness, never to be seen again now that all my hopes and dreams of living in a cloud-borne dystopia have been dashed. As a backup, I was also secretly hoping that it was another one of those conspiracies suffixed with “gate”, in which a clandestine society of Cloud People were preparing to invade Earth with their fluffy white sky-armada. Sadly, this also proved untrue.

It turns out that Cloudgate, in reality, is nothing more than a… oh wait, this thing’s pretty cool too. DAY SAVED.

Click ‘em mega-links if you’d like to learn more.




Proving once again that Twitter is a repository for irrational outbursts and ill-conceived rants, a game has been removed from the Steam store after its developer had a meltdown concerning Steam, Valve and Gabe Newell.

The game in question, Paranautical Activity, is a voxel-based FPS/roguelike hybrid that recently made its way onto Valve’s venerable content-delivery service after spending a number of years doing the rounds as an early access title. Things were looking good: not only had the game reached a completed state, but it was included on a list of Halloween-themed games, guaranteed to get attention with the world’s focus on the upcoming holiday.

However, after noting that Valve was mistakenly referring to the game as still being in early access, its developer, Mike Maulbeck, wasted no time expressing his disgust on Twitter. Arguing that Valve’s error would lead to diminished sales resulting from people’s misconceptions, his tweets quickly devolved into a tirade. He had harsh words for Steam, calling it “incompetent” (amongst other expletives) and generally lambasted it for being a “monopoly”.


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Jade Raymond, Ubisoft Toronto founder, managing director and long-time producer on multiple projects, has announced her resignation from the publisher. After 10 years with the company, Raymond is leaving to pursue “other ambitions and new opportunities”. She is being replaced by Ubisoft Toronto founding member Alexandre Parizeau.

During her time with Ubisoft, Raymond was the producer on the first Assassin’s Creed game in Ubisoft’s now most successful IP in company history. She was also the executive producer on titles like Assassin’s Creed II, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist.


we-want H3 campaign

Just when you thought that people couldn’t get any more angsty over Half-Life 3 not being at rAge 2014 (and just about everywhere else in the world) a campaign has started up on Indiegogo to crowd-fund an advertising drive to force Valve to talk about or release Half-Life 3 to the public. As of this writing, the campaign has garnered $1089 out of its $150,000 ultimate goal. Say wut?


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So, you’re looking to get some high-definition Kevin Spacey on to your monitor and by that I mean buying and playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, not buying the first two seasons of House of Cards on Blu-Ray (though that’s an equally fulfilling purchase). COD: AW is going to go down in history as the COD to change all future COD‘s. I eel-ey think that this will be a good fin for the gaming industry, as we’ve not had anything that changes the formula for the first-person shooter in a long time. All things considered, this looks to be a whale of a time for fans of the long-running series.


So, just in case you didn’t read Chris’ This Week in Gaming just like I frequently forget to (and have him chide me on the Podcast for it), I’d like to remind everyone that Halo: Master Chief Collection is launching for Microsoft’s latest console worldwide on 11 November 2014, with some other countries following later in the week and it comes with a whopping – wait for it – 20GB day one patch. The patch adds in content that developer 343 Industries just couldn’t fit onto a single Blu-Ray disc and will include new content that has never been released for the games included in the collection before, like new maps for Halo 2 Multiplayer.

If you’re doing this on a 2Mb/s ADSL connection, running the download 24/7 would result in a total time of around 26 hours. Eish!

Source: Twitter


Local competitive gaming website Orena has undergone some changes. When first launched, the website set out to promote local competitive gaming, but with a view of becoming the place for spectators to congregate and watch local matches. That goal hasn’t changed, but now the team behind Orena has relaunched the website with a list of upcoming events for the local eSports scene running from the end of this year and into 2015.

To coincide with the launch of their new website, Orena is hosting “South Africa’s 1st spectator-based competitive LAN event”, which has been dubbed the Life Child Invitational. Taking place at the Life Church Centre in Sea Point, Cape Town, the event is being hosted by Orena and SteelSeries, with a FIFA console competition being sponsored by us lot here at NAG and the ZombieGamer crew. It all goes down from 20-22 November.


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Well now, it’s been about two months since we’ve heard the Call of Duty Hype Train’s ear-piercing whistle, so here’s the official “gameplay launch trailer” to make sure we remember there’s a new CoD coming in early November.

I’m assuming that the video’s “gameplay launch trailer” label indicates that we’re going to see more than one “launch trailer”. Up next will likely be the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Story Launch Trailer”, which will be followed by the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Multiplayer Launch Trailer”. If we’re lucky we’ll get a “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Kevin Spacey Launch Trailer” as well.

You can check it out after the jump. While it makes for your typical launch trailer stuff (complete with raspy alternate rock backing track, a “hu-rah!” and liberal doses of bullet-bullet-guns) you got to admit this looks like the most interesting single-player CoD campaign since Black Ops. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for bullet-bullet-guns and Kevin Spacey?



Hello NAGurfers and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have some depressing news for PC gamers looking forward to The Evil Within, some good news for people who like casual games and, er, Google I guess, more news on the Minecraft movie and DriveClub developers offer some updates on their disastrous launch. Then we have some Far Cry 4 news, an upcoming title might be the biggest game ever released and Uncharted has some good ideas. More news, more videos, more NAG Online highlights and more unwanted commentary from yours truly, all after the jump.



Polish developer Destructive Creations has just released a debut trailer for their new game called Hatred. The isometric shooter puts players in the shoes of a sociopath who goes on a murderous rampage because reasons… and because his “whole life is just cold, bitter hatred”. Players will control this scary, 90s goth looking murderer as he guns down innocent civilians and police because the world has to pay for sucking. I dunno. It’s all very contrived and pretty much just a reason for making a game festooned with gratuitous violence and shock tactics.

The game hasn’t even existed in the public zeitgeist for more than 24 hours, but it’s already received a fair bit of criticism. For example: the game is built on Unreal Engine 4, and Epic Games has since purposefully distanced itself from Destructive Creations’ game.


NAG podcast header

Welcome to the NAG Online Podcast! This is our first rAge Expo edition, which we didn’t record at the expo but the week after, on Wednesday evening. If you’d like to listen in live to Chris’ ranting about pidgeons not being sexy or fowl-minded, or Rick laughing about how evil he is, or Delano introducing us to new games in his extremely large Steam library (not a euphemism) that we’ve never played before or Matthew talking about mallets being handed to politicians, you can follow these instructions on the NAG Forum thread about listening live to our podcast. Once rAge fever finally subsides, we’ll have this up on Thursday morning instead of Friday. Thankfully we no longer have audio sync issues, so that helps!



The Entertainment Software Association, (the industry’s largest grouping of publishers and gaming companies that includes EA, Nvidia, Activision Blizzard, Sega, Capcom and many, many more) has for the first time spoken out against the movement known as GamerGate.

Speaking to the Washington Post, when asked specifically how the ESA felt about GamerGate, a spokesperson said: “Threats of violence and harassment are wrong. They have to stop. There is no place in the video game community—or our society—for personal attacks and threats.”

The Washington Post was quizzing the ESA in light of recent events surrounding Anita Sarkeesian’s cancelled talk at the Utah State University. Sarkeesian and the university authorities were forced to cancel the talk after an extremely threatening email promised the massacre of those attending. The police were powerless to prevent people from bringing concealed weapons into the venue, as this is protected by state law provided the individual has a permit.


driveclub header 600x

Good news, some of you! Evolution Studios has announced that a patch is on its way to alleviate some of the server woes that have plagued DriveClub since launch. The patch was announced late last night and scheduled to go live within the next 24 hours. It might even be available right now.

Alongside the game update, Evolution is upgrading servers to deal with the higher demand. They caution that they’ll be running diagnostic tests that may disrupt the online portions of the game for those who have managed to connect.



Recent Civilisation‘s intro sequences were optimistic ruminations on the strengths and achievements of humankind, imbued with a sense of grave majesty thanks in part to Morgan Sheppard’s incredible voice over. Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth has received the same treatment with their newly revealed opening cinematic for the game, and what it lacks in Morgan’s hopeful tone in humanity’s grand design it makes up for in poignancy of the here and now.

There’s also some amusing bits, like how US Mission Control starts celebrating before their colony spacecraft have actually taken off (Maybe wait until they’ve escaped Earth’s atmosphere before starting the Americlap, guys.). Also, the impact is slightly ruined by the sleek call to action to pre-order exoplanet DLC at the very end. You may escape to the stars, but you can’t escape sneaky marketing practices to promote early sales.

Regardless, hit the jump for the video.


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