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Prey 2 details

Some details on Prey 2 for you, collated from various sources:

You play Killian Samuels, sheriff and prison guard who gets swept up in the same alien stuff as Tommy did in the beginning of Prey. The game has been in development for 3 years. Human Head says it is “heavily inspired by Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect, Riddick and Blade Runner“. There will be no multiplayer, Kinect or Move support.

“If the first Prey was the Luke Skywalker version of the story, Prey 2 is Bobba Fett’s story”, says Human Head.

It will have an open game structure: “Go wherever you want, talk to whoever you want, do the missions you want.”

“Killian is as flexible and limber as Faith from Mirror’s Edge, leaping over heights, hanging by arms from pipes, balancing on thin boards and jumping like a cat.”

There will be an enhanced Killzone-esq cover system, you can use parkour movements when chased by enemies, money can be used to buy upgrades to weapons, armour and abilities, and the “vag portals” make a return.

Human Head says there is a loot system akin to Borderlands.

  • das_G

    Hopefully changing the game to an open-world system won’t ruin the magic, Prey was excellent.

    • Geoff Burrows

      Yeah, there are a ton of things that make me worried about Prey 2. If the open-world stuff is interesting enough, then the game can still have a strong narrative, but even then it’ll struggle to match Prey’s storytelling.


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