During their E3 press conference earlier this week, Microsoft showed off Kinect Fun Labs, which is a new, app driven “game” that makes use of your fancy motion sensor. Essentially Kinect Fun Labs is a suite of apps, or “toys” as they’re sometimes referred to, that will be constantly added to over time. Each app is based off many of the “Kinect hacks” people created on their PCs and is designed to showcase just how clever the technology is that powers the peripheral.

The best thing is that it’s free and already available for download. If you want to queue it up via xbox.com then head over here; the download is 720MB.

At present, there are four apps available: Bobble-head, Build-A-Buddy, Googly Eyes and Kinect Me. They all offer something fairly unique and while they probably won’t hold your attention for weeks, they’re good fun to muck about with until the next deluge of Kinect Fun Labs apps become available.

Kinect Me scans an image of you and basically turns you into an Xbox 360 avatar but with a surprising amount of accuracy. It’ll even try to match your clothing. Bobble-head turns you into one of those bobble-head dolls; Googly Eyes allows you to scan in inanimate objects to turn into something slightly more animate, but the one that looks most interesting is Build-A-Buddy. This app allows you to scan in anything which then gets turned into a 3D model, animated and given a voice-over and character. Naturally people will be scanning in all manner of lewd material and Kotaku’s Mike Fahey managed to turn a grape-scented, purple vibrator into a fairy. He also managed to turn his cat into something equally horrifying.


Naturally, you can share anything you create with your friends. If anything too nasty gets reported, however, it will be expunged by Microsoft. They also mentioned bringing out the ban-hammer for extra gross stuff that gets uploaded to a public area.

When I get home, I’m putting a Helghast helmet on my dachshund and scanning him into Build-A-Buddy.

Source: Xbox.com and Kotaku

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