And the best part is that the result they want is exactly what I’m doing with this post right now. The Sims is set to invade Facebook very soon with The Sims Social. It looks… horrific; like an amalgamation of the worst bits of Facebook and utter human desperation.

Basically, you’ll be playing a watered-down version of The Sims directly in your Facebook account. You will control your Sim and they’ll be able to interact with your mates in your Facebook friends list, providing they’re also playing The Sims Social. The trailer pretty much sums it up, but it also attempt to induce an epilepsy attack in viewers as it flashes a ton of features towards the end: “Play with Life; Play with Love; Play with… bull testicle pie?” W.T.F?

Seriously. At first I didn’t believe it, but then I was spurred on by a YouTube commenter who seemed to have seen it as well. This resulted in me spending about ten minutes furiously clicking between Play and Pause while my wife squealed with glee in the background, as amazed by EA’s chutzpah as I was.


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