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Pictured: Not Dawn of War III

Wait… How’d we miss this? We’re officially blaming alcohol, public holidays and strippers for this news completely escaping our (usually) all-encompassing sight. This must be what being a badly scripted AI character feels like, Michael Ironside crouched three steps away from us in plain sight, yet we blindly fail to spot him. Anyway, THQ’s God Emperor Danny Bilson has revealed that there is a Dawn of War III, and it’s in development right now.

“We’re working on the next-generation of that franchise right now,” said Bilson. “I feel like an ass saying it’s fantastic, but it is. And we’re going to do something with it you haven’t seen before. Preserving some things that have always been great about the first two generations of it, going back to 1 on some things, 2 on some things, and 3 will bring us some new things. When you see it you’re going to go, whoa. I promise.”

Bilson, happy to continue teasing us all with slivers of info, went on to say that the game will have “a much larger strategic component to it, more of a global battle going on with little tactical things, sort of MMO-like.” A while back, Mr Bilson brought glorious news that Relic’s next RTS would be revealed in August. Could Dawn of War III be it? We’re still holding out for a Homeworld 3 announcement, but we’re such massive fans of all Relic’s RTS games that we’ll be happy with anything.

Source: Eurogamer

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