You know Magicka! We’ve mentioned it about a trillion times on this website and in the magazine. The game’s multiplayer element took some time to iron out, but you can now unintentionally obliterate your co-op partners in a stable environment.

What the game was missing, however, was a way for you to intentionally obliterate your co-op partners opponents online. No more, because a new add-on PVP mode has been thrust out onto Steam for all of you aggressive wizard types. Released as a patch, the new mode will automatically download when next you log in to Steam, providing you’ve left “Auto Updates” on for Magicka.

There’s also a live-action trailer to promote the PVP mode, complete with numerous wizards, eastern European accents and strings of sausages. It captures that Magicka humour perfectly and is totally worth two minutes of your time. Once you’re done watching, head onto Stream to update so that you can QRQRQRSA someone in the face… in the FACE!


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