Holy poop, the more I see of this game, the more intriguing it gets. In this new clip we get to hear from the game’s creative director, Ken Levine. Fun fact: he’s awesome.

Ken’s on hand to tell you about what science is behind the events of BioShock Infinite. In the original BioShock games, it was scientific work in genetics that led to the monumental collapse of Rapture. What branch of science will be rearing its head in Infinite? Think Einstein and Eisenhower.

There’s a neat new game mechanic discussed called “tears” – as in rips and not the wet stuff that squirts out of your eyes whenever you watch that Balrog versus Gandalf scene in Fellowship of the Rings. What, it’s totally emotional – don’t judge me. The tears in BioShock Infinite are glimpses into parallel universes and your partner in the game, Elizabeth, is capable of bringing objects into the world through those tears. Check it out.


Via: Kotaku

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