…or something equally dramatic. See, the picture you see above is the first image of Respawn Entertainment’s first game. It is very mysterious. It is very blurry.

In case you somehow missed the epic lover’s spat between Call of Duty creators Infinity Ward and mega publisher Activision last year, you should know that they had a lover’s spat, and it was epic. Vince Zampella and Adam West, co-founders of Infinity Ward, walked out on Activision in a huff and EA immediately bagged the rebound. It all resulted in the founding of a new studio, Respawn Entertainment, which is now home to many former Call of Duty developers who joined West and Zampella in a mass exodus from Infinity Ward. All of this automatically makes Respawn a studio to keep at least one eye on at all times, because it’s comprised of the creators of one of gaming’s most popular (read: makes a ton of money, money, MONEY) franchises.

So, with all this in mind, there’s been a rumour floating around that Respawn’s first game will be a sci-fi shooter. We still don’t know if that’s true, but judging by this blurry image, there will be mountains. All signs point towards mountains still existing in the distant future, so sci-fi gunshooting is still on the table. You can visit Respawn’s flashy new company page (which is where this image comes from) for more details on the studio.

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