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News: AMD cuts HD7000 prices, more free stuff

With the GTX680 already eating into the market previously cornered by the Radeon HD7970, AMD had to consider what it was going to do to bring customers back to the red team. While many expected prices cuts, no-one predicted what AMD actually revealed this week.

 As part of their “Gaming Evolved” initiative, the company announced that they’ll be packaging three games with the purchase of a new Radeon HD7900, 7800 or 7700-series graphics card. Teaming up with THQ and Codemasters, the company will be bundling Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT: Showdown and Nexiuz as free downloads with each card. Deus Ex also comes with The Missing Link, a DLC expansion for the game which fills in a gap in Human Revolution’s story, detailing what happened to Adam Jensen on his journey from Heng Sha to Singapore.

In addition, the recommended retail price for the cards also drops down quite healthily. The Radeon HD7970 drops from $539 to $479 which undercuts even the cheapest GTX680 available. The HD7950, the gamer’s favourite, drops from $450 to $400 RRP. Seeing as the HD7950 is essentially an underclocked HD7970, this card offers great value to games and overclockers.

Going lower, the HD7800 family remains unchanged in pricing, as there are no Nvidia cards in that price range able to compete with the benefits brought to consumers by AMD’s GCN architecture. However the HD7770 does drop from $150 to $139 and is a sure fit for gamers who don’t have a lot of cash to drop but need good performance at 1080p and lower resolutions.

While these price changes may not reflect on our shore as yet, in the coming weeks we can expect to see some great deals in stores and with three free games to boot it might change mind share back to AMD’s Radeon lineup once more.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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  • Toxxyc

    Hmm… Might have to save up for a new card by the end of the year. Get rid of my old trusty 460.

    • Wesley

      Well you’re now two generations out, so I think its definitely a worthwhile upgrade if both the card and games interest you. Nvidia’s going to be revealing the GTX660 in about a month or so from now, so you could also wait and have a look at that, too.

  • Toxxyc

    I’ll wait and see. If I upgrade now, it’ll be the last upgrade for at least 4 years, so I have to buy smart. 7950 perhaps, and OC it later on. But I’ll have a wait and see. The GTX460 is still going perfectly strong at 1GHz, fair enough for all games to be played at decent resolutions at least.

  • Wesley

    At least if you do upgrade, it’ll be kinder to your power supply :-)


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