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Three more screens of BG&E 2 appear online


By now, we all know that the on-again-off-again Beyond Good & Evil 2 is more likely on again. We also know that it’s on again for next gen consoles, which is kind of bitter-sweet. That being said, for all we know, “next gen” consoles might be right around the corner.

Some new, lovely looking screenshots have surfaced thanks to that extra leaky website All Games Beta; the same website that recently unleashed the ton of Doom 4 screenies a few months back. These BG&E 2 screens stick with the Indian-looking locale, but they now feature a very different looking Jade.

I’m kind of liking the direction the art style is headed in: less cartoony and more realistic. It might not sit well with über fans of the original game, but it’s definitely going to turn heads based on graphics alone; and in the early stages of a new generation of consoles, that’s a good thing for any game. Hit the jump for two more screens as well as a tech demo video clip of the game.


Source: All Games Beta
Via: Joystiq 

  • Wesley

    This certainly is interesting. I played the original on my PS2 ages ago. The new one looks spectacular!

  • Cowman

    Nice to hear. First one was classic and really DomZinated my heart, plus I saw the early gameplay segment for BGE2. If it’s any sort of guide, the new one will be packed with lots of those intense, linear escape scenes fans got familiar with, only reworked. I can definitely wait for the next generation, as long as it has plenty of classic adventuring and talking wooly rhinos.


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