The Australian Classification Board has listed a age rating for an as yet unannounced Uncharted game called Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. Don’t get too excited, however, as there’s a bit of extra information that pretty much rules out a new PlayStation 3 adventure with Nathan Drake and co.

The game isn’t being developed by Naughty Dog, but rather a company called One Loop Games. The team at the L.A. based developer have been involved in console projects like The Saboteur, Full Spectrum Warrior and Star Wars: Episode III. One Loop Games’ speciality? Mobile games and social network games. They do, however, also list PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade as two other channels they’re interested in.

The Australian Classification Board has given Fight for Fortune a “G” rating, which is for General Audience. It also states that the game is coming to multiple platforms, but doesn’t specify which ones. It’s unlikely that Sony would let one of their flagship IPs land on Xbox LIVE Arcade, so this is likely a mobile game or (shudder) a Facebook game or something.

Note: the header image is promotional artwork from Golden Abyss and not this unanounnced Uncharted game.
Source: Polygon

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