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25 Days of Giving: Day Ten

You know what happens on day ten? Strain starts to set in after writing what’s felt like several million of these posts. But we will soldier on, for you! Click below to capture a mental image of day ten’s prize.

It’s another Sound Blaster headset, this time the Tactic3D Sigma. It’s useful for hearing things, ya dig? And if there’s more you’d like to learn, this is a useful link. If you want it, there’s a comment box below. Write some words in it, and perhaps you’ll find yourself owning a brand-new headset, images of which you’ll notice are below.

  • Christopher Buchanan

    Creeping around there…….. Headshot!!!!!

  • Jaco Viljoen

    Me like…

  • Tristan Naidoo

    wow those would be great to have cosidering when im on my pc and theres nothing on my ears all i hear are the fans of my stoneage pc hardrive

  • Stormcrowza

    I’m not as funny as these other guys, but I can really use headphones like that.

  • MG Potgieter


  • phant1m

    Day 10: I’m getting tired but holding on.

  • MattAv

    Boom! Please can I have this headset:)

  • Gian-Paolo Buffo

    Gather ’round kids, and let me tell you the tale of how I blew 500 septims on a headset that’s so heavy and uncomfortable that I might as well hang a set of speakers of the sides of my head. Oh, I just told the whole tale? Damn it, that always happens! Anyway kids, off to the iron mines until I get a proper headset ;)

  • The_Imp_ZA

    [Insert not bad meme]

  • Mark Asaurus

    Going to sea for 6 months, these would improve life on board drastically.

  • Jelly Beanie

    useful for hearing things? perfect for me ;)

  • Peter-Ross Cuthbert

    Those look really comfy… Great on a cold winters night…oh wait this is south africa :P

  • Manie du Preez

    MORE EARPHONES! Holy crap you guys are giving away a lot of earphones.

  • tropicalights

    Want, I do!

  • Priyesh Kasan

    I looooove headphones!!

  • Jonothan Nortje

    Headphones are goood, me want


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