That’s a lot of “gets” for one game, don’t you think? The Spike TV Video Game Awards are good for more than just doling out shiny trophies to worthy titles; they also make for a brilliant marketing mouthpiece for publishers and developers. Take Naughty Dog for instance, who premiered this amazing new trailer for The Last of Us during last Friday’s awards.

On top of a trailer loaded with new footage, Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment decided to announce the game’s release date, which in 07 May 2013. The box art was also revealed, which you can check out after the jump.

Over on the US PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog wrote a post in which pre-order incentives were discussed. Multiplayer bonuses and perks make up the majority of the pre-order goodies, which obviously begs the question: “hey Naughty Dog, what’s up with the multiplayer?” The developer has yet to reveal any information regarding the online components of the game, but they’ve promised to provide more in the months leading up to the game’s release.

Trailer and box art after the jump.


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Source: PlayStation Blog
Via: Twitter

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