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25 Days of Giving: Day 11

What’s that? You demand to know what’s behind top-secret door number 11? Well, perhaps you should stop being so rude and click that button below. Hopefully it’ll calm you down.

Day 11 teases the gift of a Logitech Wireless Mouse M215, a perfectly portable laptop companion for those who would rather shoot themselves in the hand than use their notebook’s touch pad. Perhaps that’s a bit too dramatic. Perhaps it’s not dramatic enough. Either way, you’re going to want to read up on your potential prize’s features, which is why we’ve left you this lovely link. Now, comment below for your chance at winnings.

  • Mark Asaurus

    I would rather chew off my fingertips than use my notebook’s touch pad. Dramatic enough?

  • Kristen

    I want a mouse!

  • McGregor

    wireless mouse, this will work nicely with my “home theatre” setup

  • Jacques Marais

    I would love this for work :)

  • trigger_happy_ending

    3 mice walk into a bar…

  • Peter-Ross Cuthbert

    This would go well with that razer blade laptop I might win :)

  • Priyesh Kasan

    Doesn’t the pic of the usb dongle look like a face, lol

  • Jonothan Nortje

    quite as a church mouse :P


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