Over in America land, something called the “Super Bowl” recently took place. Apparently it’s a big deal or something. Anyway, during the Super Bowl, companies pay ridiculous amounts of money to flight adverts for various products. One such company is Sony – although they’ve been haemorrhaging money for years so this comes as somewhat of a surprise. They just showed off a new, live-action trailer for upcoming God of War: Ascension.

The trailer has no gameplay to speak of, but it does provide context for Kratos’s next bloody outing – or should that be first brutal outing seeing as this is a prequel of sorts? Whatever the case may be, it’s a pretty good trailer. Up to this point I’ve had zero interest in this game, but the fact that there are hints that we might be seeing a more human side of this otherwise brutal lead character, has me somewhat intrigued.

Hit the jump and mind out for all the Ellie Goulding – she’s kind of difficult to get out of your head once she’s in there with that oddly appealing, squeaky voice of hers.

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