Activision has unveiled a new entry in the wildly successful Skylanders series: Skylanders SWAP Force. This third entry will launch alongside a new range of Skylanders toys that can be pulled in half at the waist, and then mixed-and-matched with other SWAP Force toys. In total the game will launch with 16 of these new, modifiable character toys, which will give players up to 250 different character customisations. Of course, all of this requires a new starter pack as the game needs a new Portal of Power accessory.

In addition to the 16 SWAP Force toys, the new game will get 32 new core Skylander toys including 16 new completely new characters and 16 new versions of characters from previous games. There will also be eight new LightCore characters launching alongside SWAP Force, which means there will be 56 new toys to collect in total. All of the toys from the previous two Skylanders games will be compatible with the SWAP Force game, and all of those characters will get the new ability to jump in the game. That, according to the press release, is a big deal – no idea why.

Interestingly, developer Toys For Bob won’t be making SWAP Force. Instead, Activision has handed development duties over to Vicarious Visions, who have handled most of the Nintendo and iOS versions of previous Activision titles like Skylanders and Guitar Hero. Trailer after the jump.

Image Source: NeoGAF

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