Polyphony Digital, the creators of the world’s best driving simulator (speaking as a total, giddy fanboy here) are gearing up for an announcement at an event in two day’s time. They’re hosting an event at Silverstone race track and to advertise it they’ve created this very cheesy, but telling teaser trailer:


Hit the jump to see what I expect to be revealed.

First, Gran Turismo has been around for fifteen years. It ushered in millions of teenage fantasies of driving a Nissan Skyline and owning the most desirable cars in the world. In the beginning, car manufacturers didn’t see a reason to be included in the game – today Gran Turismo has cars practically thrown in its direction to be included, and served as the teaser, preview and launch of the digital versions of the Nissan Skyline GT-R and the Corvette C7 Stingray.

Seeing as the video leaves no doubt in your mind, GT6 will be a reworking of GT5 which has been out since November 2010. It will probably chuck out all the standard cars and replace them all with Premium-level models and will probably include some new brands as well. Nothing has been confirmed but for all its life the series has never been allowed the Porsche licence to include their cars in the game – with GT6 that could change.


In addition there will definitely be some new circuits and I hope Silverstone is one of them – I raced on the track in the Formula One games but it never made it to Gran Turismo. Polyphony Digital had previously been at the racetrack and the smaller Stowe track at the same location, taking in the pictures and mapping the course and all its details. Bathurst also saw the GT Team scanning it. Bathurst is also completely insane, I don’t know how I’ll be getting around there in one piece.

At the same time Polyphony uploaded their video with this in the description: “The world’s greatest race training programme is coming back to transform more Gran Turismo gamers into professional racing drivers – GT ACADEMY 2013!” However, it was edited and removed an hour later. This could mean that GT6 has more chances and more ways for virtual drivers to become real ones.

I also hope that this is a PS4 exclusive. It would be counter-intuitive to release this on the PS3 at the same time because it would be a sub-par experience. GT6 would effectively be GT5 HD, but it’s already earned a place on my shelf in spite of that.

Source: GT Planet, GT5 Playstation Blog

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