Oh hey! Remember The Incredible Machine? If you’re twenty or younger then odds are you don’t, which is probably because you weren’t even alive when the game came out. If, however, you have fond memories of building ridiculous Rube Goldberg inspired machines, then you’re probably old, wrinkled and gross, and it’s only a matter of time before you start going bald and/or grey and you end up in an old-age home run by a scary nurse who is actually that Agent Smith guy from The Matrix, only dressed in drag.

So anyway, the guys who made The Incredible Machine back in 1993 are back with a spiritual successor called Contraption Maker. Developer Spotkin has all sorts planned this time around, including the ability to upload and share videos of your latest crazy machines to YouTube . The game will feature loads of familiar parts (hamster motors!) and tons of new ones too. In total you’ll have over 100 pieces to build machines with.

The game is out at the end of 2013 for PC and Mac. There’s an early access alpha offering over on the official website, so keep an eye on the page for details on how to get an invite.

Via: RockPaperShotgun

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