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Xbox One won’t work in South Africa at launch?


This is obviously subject to change over the coming months, but as it stands right now Xbox One will only work in certain countries (highlighted in green above) at launch:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

This information comes from the Xbox website, which states: “Xbox One games are for activation and distribution only in specified geographic regions.”

There are plans to launch in Asia a year later, but no mention yet about what Africa can expect.

  • VikingZA

    As if I needed another reason to feel alienated by Microsoft. PS4, here I come! The lack of respect Microsoft is showing their consumers is appalling.

  • Fireprufe15

    Bad news? No! Brilliant news. Now everyone can get a PC or the good next gen console.

  • Alex Rowley

    More proof to my theory that Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about us. Hope the PS4 gets launched here, don’t see why it shouldn’t. I do feel bad to anyone who was aiming to get this though.

  • Nahuel Graziani

    So, how about the PS4 guys? Sounding pretty good right about now, heh?

    • JC (Gennath)

      I have to admit… my Xbox fanboy days might be over…

    • Sierra53

      Can you recommend any good PS titles for a former Xbox fan?

      *sobs quietly in the corner*

  • DbDraad

    XBL was also not available over here until recently. That did not stop us from circumventing it with a UK account. I trust the same will happen regarding this. No need for panic yet.

    • Miktar Dracon

      Microsoft have already confirmed that regions will be IP blocked.

      • Disilluzioned

        But isn’t the 360 region-locked already?

        • Miktar Dracon

          Technically, yes – but nothing stops you from making an account for another region. Like for example, my Xbox Live account was a North American account, and many people made UK accounts before ZA accounts went live. Xbox One prohibits that, preventing you from making an account outside your region – so if you’re in an unsupported region, you can’t just make an account for a region that is supported.

          • Disilluzioned

            Okay. So now it’s 2014 and it’s the Fourth Wave and SA is a supported region. You trot down to the store, buy your One and plug it in. What happens if your current LIVE account is still a UK one? Will you be forced to migrate at that point?

          • Miktar Dracon

            A good question. One that nobody knows the answer to yet.

          • Wesley Fick

            I’m willing to bet people are going to ask about points transfer in that respect as well. With the amount of questions Microsoft isn’t answering, I’m inclined to believe there won’t be any lenience or transferring of anything.

          • Miklós Szecsei

            MS has said that unspent points will convert into local currency, but that converted amount will expire after some time. Also, I realise I’m replying to a thread that’s 6 days old; I haven’t been around for a while… sue me. :P

      • Deshni Naidoo

        Surely a DNS server will help here.

        • Miktar Dracon

          Obviously the more tech-savvy people can get around most issues. But they’re not the ones being impacted here to begin with.

  • Wesley Fick

    I am completely speechless.

  • Tarryn van der Byl

    It’s already been confirmed with Microsoft SA that we’re in the fourth wave of the console launch, around Q2/3 next year. So obviously we won’t have support for it in November.

    • Disilluzioned

      Will we be the only two to get One? ;)

      • Tarryn van der Byl

        No, my boyfriend is getting one also, so that’s three.

  • Sharpnsexyoak

    Oh Microsoft you fools… I shall miss Halo!

  • Michael Bouwer

    Wow, I was on the fence over which console to get as the PS4 is clearly looking better yet my Xbox fanboy side was also crying out to me….but this……..this calls for change.

  • Facebook

    What the fuck? ?? 0_o how come it wont work here? So basically they telling us to upgrade to ps3? Ok here ill go

  • Rodrigo

    It is a good thing that it works in Brasil, as I live in here.

    It is even better because I won’t even bother to buy this piece of crap, ps4 all the way bitches!!!!


  • Jp De Villiers

    so….can i still change my region to USA even if i do live in SA? cause my 360 is doing that.


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