Techland has revealed that their next game Hellraid will be delayed. No longer launching in the festive season, this title will launch sometime in 2014, or to quote the developers, “when it’s done“. The Polish developer went on to say that releasing the game now would force too many compromises to be made, and they’re using the extra time to add more features and refine the gameplay.

Slated for release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Hellraid could be described as a medieval version of Dead Island, and will see players battling the forces of hell, collecting loot, playing randomly generated levels and teaming up with co-op partners.

While it’s unfortunate that another title is being delayed from the festive line-up, it’s always good when a company recognises that their game needs extra work. It’s also interesting reading into what Techland isn’t saying: could Hellraid be in development for next-gen consoles?

Source: Hellraid blog

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