Of course, everyone’s talking about the release of Desktop Dungeons by locals QCF Designs, which took only several eras to complete but whose development was fortunately accelerated by the advent of electricity. Bloody mainstream casuals (No, seriously, check it out. Or don’t, because if it’s better than the original, there will be no escape.)

I’m initiating Full Hipster Mode by highlighting a little something you’ve probably never heard of (ugh). If you’re a fan of roguelikes with a dash of gambling, you should be aware that Risk of Rain releases today on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store.

Risk of Rain is an action-platformer that mixes randomised levels and power-ups that stack over time with an in-game timer that increases difficulty and monster spawns the longer you play. With 10 different character classes and four-player co-op, the game has an element of urgency as you attempt to balance gaining XP and items while racing the clock.

The Risk of Rain demo with its “one more time” nature and difficulty curve completely sucked me in a couple of months ago, but I’m hesitant to recommend it on that basis alone. I’ve bought the full game with the intention of reviewing it, so if you’re the cautious sort you can wait for that.

Source: Risk of Rain Blog

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