PS4 unboxing

Much like cats, humans seem to love cardboard boxes too. And when stuff gets taken out of boxes, everyone loses their damned minds. Gamers especially so when the boxes contain brand spankin’ new consoles.

YouTube celebrity personality weirdo-who-might-be-acting, might-not-be-acting Francis got his lucky hands on a PlayStation 4 WAY earlier than he probably should have, uploaded a video a few hours ago – and you guessed it, it’s an unboxing video. He rips the packaging apart, like a zombie tears through delectable flesh, and gives us a good look at all the goodies inside. He then plugs it in, starts it up, and… nothing. Guess we don’t get to see the console in action for realsies just yet.

Hold on, not to be outdone by some YouTuber manhandling their baby, Sony has released a little unboxing video of their own only a few hours after his. And well, it’s decidedly more “epic” – and seriously/hilariously over-the-top, complete with dramatic music, racing gloves, and Shuhei Yoshida – the boss of PlayStation studios – saying “Greatness awaits”. Just… just watch it.

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