COD Ghosts Xbox One

If you’ll remember, Miklós pointed out about two weeks ago that Call of Duty: Ghosts wouldn’t be native 1080p on the Xbox One, but rather just upscaled to it. Needless to say, this revelation led to some very angry Xbox One supporters. But according to multiple reviews for the Xbox One version of the game, this slightly diminished resolution, may well work in the console’s favour.

Many reviewers noted that when playing the game on the PlayStation 4, that magical 60 frames per second, wasn’t as stable as it was on the Xbox One version. Polygon writes: “Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from consistent framerate drops on the PlayStation 4, especially during multiplayer when action got especially hectic. The Xbox One version suffered no such drops, maintaining a steady 60 frames per second throughout.” A reviewer from IGN also experienced discrepancies between the two versions of the game: “I did encounter occasional framerate issues during the single-player campaign on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, whereas my time with the Xbox One version was stable throughout.”

Videos comparing Ghosts on both consoles in a side-by-side view, are starting to come out, but they don’t dig their claws into framerate differences.

Don’t worry too much, prospective PlayStation 4 owners, Jeff Gerstmann of GiantBomb noted that he was “told that Infinity Ward is working on a patch to correct the performance issues.”

So, it seems the match is relatively even at the moment, with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions having their respective issues. But in all honesty, the differences between the two look to be fairly minuscule.

Sources: GiantBomb, IGN, Polygon

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