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New Uncharted announced – is obviously a PS4 exclusive


Today, the PlayStation 4 launches in America. Sony and Naughty Dog have seized the moment when excitement is at its peak, and have unveiled a new game in the Uncharted series. The announcement was joined by the release of a teaser trailer that, in typical teaser fashion, presents more questions than it does answers.

A number of things are worth noting: for a start, the trailer simply pans across a map of our South African coastline – you can see “Cape of Good Hope” written on there. The camera then pans up to Madagascar before finally revealing the Uncharted name. Then there’s the fact that there isn’t a subtitle or a number tied to the game; so far this is simply called Uncharted. Finally, the narrator sounds angry; he also doesn’t sound like anybody we’ve encountered in the series before. The big question is: are we about to get a new string of Uncharted games starring somebody new? Did Nathan Drake’s trilogy end with Drake’s Deception?

The game is heading exclusively to PlayStation 4; there isn’t a PlayStation 3 logo in sight. That’s not surprising: Sony is well aware that the Uncharted series sells consoles. You can find the teaser below. Leave us some thoughts, Uncharted fans. Would the game feel the same without Nathan Drake? Could this be a prequel starring Sully? Would you like to see portions of the game set in South Africa? Is that a stupid question? What should I eat for lunch today?

  • FanieNel

    Awesome, I loved the previous titles, and now I can’t wait to play this one (Even with now gameplay footage).
    My wallet on the other hand is empty since I bought a new car.
    I think I will buy the game and the PS4 together when the game launches.

  • Matthew Fick

    To answer your questions: Yes; Hopefully, because Sully was awesome; Without a doubt, especially if that means South African villains: No, not stupid at all; Pizza or Gyro pitas. You’re welcome, happy to clear that up.

    • Miklós Szecsei

      WTF is a “Gyro” pita? Is that one of those siff kebab things where the meat is all compacted and spiked on a giant skewer that makes it looks like you’re eating shavings from a massive dog pooh? Because icky.

      • Tarryn van der Byl

        Yes. And they’re delicious.

        • Miklós Szecsei

          I don’t know you anymore.

      • Matthew Fick

        Pretty much yeah. The gyro’s I’ve had (which the cook pronounced “Hero”) we’re grilled lamb meat and tzatziki. It’s a Greek thing, but Tarryn’s right. They are delicious…

        • Miklós Szecsei

          I just had terrible ones in London the whole time. I could feel myself dying with every mouthful.

          • Matthew Fick

            I tried mine in Canada and it was life-changing. I think they’re pretty similar to Shwarma’s, so there may be some overlap

  • Alex Rowley

    Man I woke up at 5 in the morning to watch the stream because everybody was hyping big news and stuff. NEVER BELIEVE THE HYPE.

    Except for the video games award show.That’s where the future of gaming will be announced for real this time!

  • Wayne Voss

    Only 4 words can describe my feelings right now: oh my f…ing word

  • Pulseofthe Maggot



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