You like to read about video games. I mean, you’re here, right?

The newly launched Video Game Bundle 2.0 from Story Bundle is offering something a little different: you won’t find any Steam codes here. What you will find is a range of critical writing, long-form journalism, history, and poetry (yes, poetry) about video games. Marvel at the adventure game lineage on display in The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures; snootily thumb through the poems of Blue Wizard Is About To Die; dig into the little-known worlds of the Dreamcast in Dreamcast worlds – a design history.

If all this sounds really pretentious, there’s also a spooky ghost story about vaporware, so take all the seriousness with a pinch of salt.

The books are DRM-free and come in EPUB and MOBI formats (no PDF, which is a real shame.) for the Kindle, iPad/iPhone and Android devices with instructions on how to get it onto each platform. You can pay what you like to get the standard offering, or for $10 you can get the extras, which includes Ian Bogost’s Atari 2600 tribute to the four seasons, A Slow Year and the excellent Replay: The History of Video Games.

Source: Story Bundle

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