Double Fine’s recently revealed strategy space roguelike game, Spacebase, has already regained its initial investment on Steam early access.

Spacebase, backed by the Indie Fund (a fund for Indie games, by Indie developers) for $400,000 has within two weeks of its October 15th release, regained 85% of the investment through Steam early access, with the remaining 15% coming from direct sales.

An Indie Fund update notes that “this is an important milestone for us because the success of this experiment opens the door for us to support more projects of this magnitude in the future.” This is an exciting development for lovers of indie games and games in general, as the flexibility and monetary support of the Indie Fund has already produced critically favoured games such at The Swapper. Hopefully, larger investments will lead to even more and/or better indie experiences.

Spacebase is currently in active development and can be purchased on Steam Early Access for $25.

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