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Locally developed game Stasis reaches Kickstarter goal


One man game developing machine, Chris Bischoff,  has reached his Kickstarter funding goal of $100, 000 for his game, STASIS. The campaign had slowed considerably leading up its deadline, but a barrage of local and international media coverage has pushed the game over the edge.

STASIS is locally produced by Chris and has garnered attention from big names, such as Brian Fargo and Mark Morgan of Wasteland fame, for its beautiful and eerie point-and-click gameplay reminiscent of early games in the genre. Mark Morgan, who also did the music for Fallout 1 & 2, has offered to do the score for STASIS.

The funding will be used to allow Chris to work full-time and finish off the game after working on it for three years part-time. In addition, the money will “allow for a commissioned musical score, professional voice artists, professional copy editing, additional layers of graphic detail and fidelity, further animation libraries, cut scenes and more.”

The Isometric Horror point and click game reached this goal with a mere four days to spare and is still looking for funding to reach it’s stretch goals that include implementing suicide items (apparently a trope in old adventure games); an extended score by Mark Morgan; and a prequel chapter for the game.

Support local game development and grab yourself some of the best rewards I’ve ever seen for a Kickstarter campaign; back it while you still can!

  • FanieNel

    I’m glad this game got the success and money they wanted from the Kickstarter campaign. I’m really looking forward to the game.

    • Ben Myres

      Yeah Chris really deserves getting some funding after working on it for so long :). I’ve spoken to him and the plans he has for the game are really exciting :D.

  • Heinrich Schultz

    Looks really good



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