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WIN: a bunch of awesome Razer stuff

That lovely collection of people over at Razer has sent us another bundle of stuff to offer you the chance to win.

Up for grabs are three prizes destined to be united with three lucky winners. There’s the Razer DeathStalker keyboard. The Razer Tartarus gaming keypad. And the Razer Kraken 7.1 headset.

All you need to do if you’d like to win one of these bits o’ tech is assemble a comment-like entity in the box below. Images of the prizes live below.

  • taurus

    yep yep yep 3 times

  • Neo Miguel

    That Razar Kraken 7.1 headset looks and (hopefully) feels awesome plus they will look great on me

  • Peet

    Oh yeah I would love to get my hands on one of those keyboards :D

  • Sidney Bower

    Would be awsome to have new equiment in the new year whoohoo

  • Riaan Swanepoel

    The gaming keypad could be a nice addition to my gaming arsenal

  • Chelsey Turner

    *slots in a last minute comment-like entity almost a month after the article was posted* :/
    Something about Razer that just does it for me :o

  • Jimmy

    New computer for Christmas, and this will complete it :D

  • Francis Pratt

    Razer up

  • JustIN_SANE


  • Herbert Meyer

    Super awesome prize!

  • Caleb Harebottle

    my keyboard isn’t quite as sharp as the razers XD.

  • Francois Neethling

    *insert comment-like entity*

  • DeltaMarine

    Me: “what can I write here?”
    Brother: “Tell them I’m dying and my final wish is for this stuff.”
    Me:” Fine…”

    Dear NAG, my older brother is dying of cancer… And his… *Sobs* and his final wish is some proper gaming gear to spend his final moments gaming… *sigh* But alas, we cannot afford such gear. If we could have these items for free… well… it would make him so happy! Anyway… this is probably a random selection thingo, but if you read this, please know that he only has 3 months left to live and this would mean the world to him…
    Thank you.

    Me: “Will we get it?”
    Brother “No”
    Me: “Why not?”
    Brother: “Because you’re writing everything we’re saying”
    Me: “Ohhh…”

  • Ignacio Peralta

    WHY WONT IT END!! How long are u running this ish for 0.o

  • James Lankester

    Some call the police because this keyboard is SHARP… YEEEAAHHH!!!

  • John-Christie Claassen


  • Guest

    headset just broke looking to buy the kraken 7.1. would be even better if i won one !! :)



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