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26 Days of Giving: Day 10

Day. Ten. Plantronics joins the 26 Days of Giving party today, generously giving us stuff to give you.

It’s a Plantronics Gamecom 380 headset, valued at R435. Plantronics wants us to use this text to describe it to you:

The Plantronics® GameCom® 380 delivers immersive, stereo sound with deep, resonating bass via 40mm speakers. The noise-cancelling microphone kills background noise so your commands are loud and clear. When you need to take a break, built-in spin joints let the earpods lay flat for easy storage. Need to adjust volume? No problem. The controls are right on the earpods so you’ll always have your eyes on the game. The GameCom 380 is built to last with superhero-strength cords and joints; ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband let you stay in the game for as long as it takes.

Fancy! Comment if you’d like some shiny new headphones.

  • Justin White

    I need me a pair of beautiful headphones

  • Michael Bouwer

    Bought the 780 headset not too long ago, but I know a guy who reallllly needs one D:

  • Herbert Meyer

    Freakin A!!!

  • Wayne Howard

    Shweet! Now that looks epic!

  • Ryan Graham

    I want headphones. I really do!

  • Izanne


  • Michelle

    Great prize

  • Callum Bugler

    Me please!

  • Johan Nortje

    Nice. Yes please.

  • Caveshen “CaViE” Rajman

    Sounds awesome.

  • Reuben Henderson

    Holy cheese sticks ..GIMMe dat :D ,,would love it :)

  • EvilBoy

    I’ll look hot talking to my gf on Skype with these on.

  • Peter-Ross Cuthbert

    Yes please :D

  • Cherade

    These ear phone are one of kind

  • Marc Pelteret

    They look comfortable. Yes please!

  • Bigdave87

    If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get?

  • Chelsey Turner

    I would really like these :D Cmon :D

  • taurus

    omgosh here please

  • Jean Louw

    [Insert funny comment here]

  • Jeremy Crouch

    help a dude out with astrum ragga headphones that were found at a chinese market for R50, im on my hands and knees yo

  • Alicia Grobler

    Pick me! SERIOUSLY!!!

  • Francois Neethling

    Wow! Such pretty



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