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26 Days of Giving: Day 19

Day 19 is sponsored by those fantastic peoples over at Megarom.

Just Dance 2014! Today’s prize is a whole hamper of stuff themed around it. Open it up and you’ll find a phone holder, a bracelet, a pair of pixelated sunglasses, a tank top (or whatever it’s called) and a copy of the game on Wii.

Below is a look at the prize. Leave us a comment if you want it.

  • Taariq

    unda da cool sun

  • Lauren Kruger

    I need an excuse to move my feet!

  • Stavey

    I want hipster things too.

  • Nico Gouws

    For a friend…

  • PicklePod

    Come on everybody! Just Dance, Wii can do it!

  • DAGGAR1997

    I like to move it move it, I LIKE TO…………………. MOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Peet

    Haha nice I like to dance oooh yeah ;)

  • Neil de Hoog

    Nothing cooler than a pair of pixelated glasses – woop woop

  • Cassandra Verwey

    I’ll allow it.

  • Zubair

    I can’t dance or keep calm, so I have anxiety issues and panic attacks all the time. This will teach me the arcane art of rhythm. I wish to bring light to the world through the physical expression known as dance. Also, them shades.

  • Jordan

    Those glasses are insane!

  • EvilBoy

    Those sunny’s are super hot.

  • Ryan Graham

    Why? really… Why?
    but it’s free, so I suppose it’s ok

  • Callum Bugler

    I want!

  • Alicia Grobler

    That. Is. AWESOME!!!!

  • bigdave87

    What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May?…………A puddle!

  • Francois Neethling

    Lets DANCE!



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