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PSA: Sorry bank accounts, Steam Holiday Sale is now on

Not sure whether this should be a Public Service Announcement or a Warning. It’s that time of year again, and if you listen closely you can hear Valve employees rolling around in inflatable pools filled with money. The Steam Holiday Sale is on and will be running until 3 January 2014. As usual there are flash sales to vote on every few hours, as well as a batch of highly discounted games that cycle every 24 hours. So set your cell phone alarm to go off to remind you to check in just in case that game you’ve had your eye on suddenly appears for $1 or something. And for the obsessive collectors out there, there are Steam Sale trading cards to collect once again. Also, just a heads up, you can pick up all three BioShock games for $14.99. Go! Go now and revel in your newfound destitution!


  • FanieNel

    My wallet is already hurt badly from the previous sale, and now again?
    I am seriously going to go broke early this month.

    • Miklós Szecsei

      Yep, and payday is just four days away!

      • FanieNel

        Mine was Thursday last week and it was pay for this month and next month since everyone is on holiday now. So I have very, very little money left to spend.

        • slhavec

          I just paid. So im officialy broke again. sigh

  • Nico Gouws

    Got Salary…You mean you had a salary…



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