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26 Days of Giving: Day 26

It’s the final day of these 26 days in which much giving has been done. Once again, today’s prize is courtesy of us.

And it’s a particularly “us” prize as well. We’ve got our hands on a pair of NAG-branded Converse sneakers. They may or may not also be slightly Xbox-branded. There’s a picture of them below.

If you find them just sexy enough, arrange some words into a semi-cohesive comment below.

  • Caveshen “CaViE” Rajman

    The hipster in me just went crazy.

  • Aaron de Vroede

    Yes yes yes!

  • slhavec

    could be cool to show up at rage with these next year

  • Gareth Callanan

    I would take it

  • Riaan Swanepoel

    Another comment for another prize

  • Alden Geldenhuys

    Damn, and to think I’m a fan of ps4

  • James


  • Lauren Kruger

    What an interesting prize, I would totally rock them!

  • Gian-Paolo Buffo

    Semi-coherent sentence must creation!

  • Francois Neethling

    Must … Achieve… Semi-Cohesiveness…

  • Marco Bozza

    Comment is cohesive :)

  • deathzimmz


  • Cassandra Verwey

    Moar shoes for my collection!

  • The_Imp_ZA

    Cool shoes!

  • Jawid

    Goodbye, 26 Days of Giving
    Who could hold a competition like you?
    Even though you will be back next year
    Still Im gonna miss you…

  • Stavey

    Wow, awesome shoes, never expected that.

  • R4mzy

    I’m… err… worment… commord… X-shoe Box for a winning?
    Umm… pl0x? o_O

  • bigdave87


  • Michelle

    Want a pair of them Sexiness, Awesome-rific sneakers Xbox is my JAM!

  • Felix101

    wow! That’s cool!



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