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Now Chillingo co-founders leave company and EA


And in related news, it has now been proven that things happen in threes.

This morning we shared news of Criterion co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry leaving Criterion and EA for something new. That departure followed PopCap’s Dave Roberts and Jason Kapalka’s earlier announcement that they were leaving EA and the development team they’d co-founded.

The third high-profile departure from EA’s stable belongs to Chillingo – the team that published mobile sensations Cut the Rope and the original Angry Birds. Co-founders Chris Byatte and Joe Wee have left the company and EA. Electronic Arts acquired Chillingo in October 2010 for $20 million.

The co-founders of three different companies (all acquired by EA) all departing within the same week? It seems like something is going on at Electronic Arts. That or the three original acquisition documents stipulated that co-founders had to continue working under EA until the end of 2013. We’ll probably never know, but we’ll update you if news hits.

Source: MCV

  • Felix101

    This seems to be a trend in the industry and has been happening for a long time now: EA buys company then a little while later the founders of said company leaves EA for something new. Just look at Bioware as an early example. Is there any wonder why EA is consistently voted the worst company in the US?


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