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Oh look, SimCity is getting an offline mode

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Remember when SimCity launched and the EA servers exploded and people were angry and others were sad and more others started fiddling with code and saw that the game could be played offline and Maxis kept regurgitating the same PR drivel about it being impossible for the game not to be online? Man, remember all of that? It was the worst. Well, it turns out (and you might want to sit down for this) that SimCity actually CAN be played offline – shocking, I know. Maxis and Electronic Arts have finally decided to implement an offline mode in an upcoming patch.

Announced via a blog post, the GM of Maxis’s Emeryville studio, Patrick Buechner, revealed that a completely offline, single-player mode will be hitting SimCity with update 10. Apparently, update 10 is in the “late phases of wrapping up its development” so we can expect this patch sometime soon. Of course, those of you who want to remain online to access things like leaderboards and the Global Market can do so – those aren’t going anywhere.

So then, thoughts? Is this too late, or have you been holding out on buying the game in the hopes that EA and Maxis would announce an offline mode? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SimCity Blog

  • FanieNel

    This is just too late. It should have been there from the start. They said it can’t be played offline, but people did find ways to do so. They destroyed the game’s image and I think that there is no recovery from that. People have moved on to better games.

  • Sierra53

    For me, its too late. I still try and play this game every now and then, and I still run into the same crippling problems every time – like only being able to share a fraction of the power your city produces with neighbouring cities, and that fraction being dependent on the number of cities in the region.

    Not to mention the fact that this entire offline mode is a PR nightmare, and in my eyes, has completely obliterated any respect I had for the game.

  • Wesley Fick

    The power of the cloud, now in your tiny computer! It was all a ruse to make people accept the always-online DRM that EA was testing out. Its a pity that SimCity and its loyal fans were the guinea pigs for their long-term plans the whole time.

  • Miktar Dracon

    It’s still a tiny, tiny city with broken gameplay and systems that don’t actually work. So no.

    • Shaun Mackintosh

      Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they easing up on their rules regarding mods. I’m sure some talented modders can sort out some of the issues people have with the game.

      • Miktar Dracon

        You can’t rely on mods to fix a game. I bought Skyrim thinking mods would fix it. I was let down. I’m sure many mods will come out for SimCity that improve it in fundamental ways, but a lot of what’s wrong with the game is the intrinsic, built-in systems for how things work, things mods wouldn’t be able to change.

        • Shaun Mackintosh

          Perhaps; however over the past year we’ve seen a few examples of systems that were “impossible” to alter. Call me a foolish optimist but I think the game can make a decent comeback.

          • Miktar Dracon

            Removing the online requirement from SimCity wasn’t a big undertaking, since as people proved, nothing in the game aside from some of the social elements was running server-side. In terms of cost analysis, removing the online requirement to get a bump in sales and make back some of the money spent on the project, makes sense. It’s costing EA almost nothing, and they’re getting something from it.

            By contrast, re-engineering core parts of the game, literally reprogramming parts of it from scratch, would cost a lot in terms of time and money. I’m not saying it’s “impossible”, I’m saying it’s going to cost EA more than they’d be willing to invest, especially since most players aren’t even that cognizant of how broken the game currently is in terms of the “fake” systems like sewage and population.

            The people who do care about such things, sadly, are a minority, and don’t represent enough of a monetary gain for EA to try and rebuild parts of the game to satisfy them.

            I’d like to be optimistic, but realistically, it’s more likely they’d rather just scrap SimCity and work on the sequel, if they’re going to even bother at all, who knows. EA isn’t known for their stellar treatment of their properties. Look at Ultima.

          • Shaun Mackintosh

            Touché. It would be nice if EA took note of Valve’s business model. Money shouldn’t be the bottom line but it sadly is at this point in human history.

            That being said, I’m going to go find some indie developers to support :)


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