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Steam Controller drops touchscreen for D-pad


Yesterday, Valve started the Steam Dev Days conference exclusively for game developers. None of us press riffraff are allowed in, which means that information that’s coming out of the conference is a little devoid of meaty facts. Still, one particular delicious nugget of information has found its way out of the conference and onto the Internet: the touchscreen in the Steam Controller has been scrapped.

The decision to remove the touchscreen from the final consumer version is to do with backwards compatibility for game titles that require a D-pad and face buttons. A bank of ABXY buttons have been added as well. The image above is a 3D printed mock-up of the redesign that Valve put together. This probably won’t be the only change to the controller before this thing eventually launches. Valve also mentioned that they’ve yet to start working through the beta feedback that’s being supplied to them by the 300 testers who received varying hardware versions of Steam Machines a few weeks back.

If you’d like to read a brief overview of what was discussed on day one of the conference, then head over to the source link below for a highlights blog post. If you haven’t already seen the Steam Controller in action, then you can check that out over here.

Source: Steam Database Blog
Via: Eurogamer

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  • Squirly

    That’s a bit of an about-face. I’m actually cool with the inclusion of a proper d-pad (because I’m old and change comes slowly) but the touchscreen was almost as cool as the trackpads if you ask me. It had so much potential.


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