Pro Gaming Tours has released their annual “best paying eSports” ranking which is based on all completed cash tournaments from the 2013 calendar year. Predictably, the list is topped by League of Legends, with a staggering $5,270,955 paid out over 98 different tournaments. Second is the other MOBA, Dota 2, with $4,435,421 over 74 tournaments, and in third place is StarCraft 2 which had the most tournaments over the year (104) and paid out $3,027,010. More info after the jump.

The remainder of the top ten games are mostly FPS titles, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comfortably exceeding the $500,000 mark. However, it is also good to see the small, old-school deathmatch FPS titles Quake Live and ShootMania Storm making the list despite the very low amounts paid out at their tournaments.

The average prize pool for an eSports tournament in recent times has been just under $20,000

The average prize pool for an eSports tournament in recent times has been just under $20,000

Interestingly, despite South Korean League of Legends team “SK Telecom T1” winning the Season 3 World Championship and taking home their $1,000,000 prize, they are not the highest earning eSports team for 2013. This prestigious award goes to Swedish Dota 2 outfit “Alliance” who won Valve’s premier annual eSports event The International 3 and took home a whopping $1,437,204. The title of best paid FPS eSports team goes to American Black Ops 2 side “Fariko Impact” who earned $427,500 in 2013.

Pro Gaming Tours is currently attempting to add historical information on tournaments played prior to 2013 (mainly from 2010 to 2012) to their database and the results from all recorded tournaments can be found here.

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