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Rust generates huge earnings for Garry’s Mod creator


Rust never shined so brightly.

With the NAG community’s love for DayZ, you might have passed on its more rustic younger brother, Rust, which chronicles groups of naked savages beating each other with rocks while trying to building immense wooden strongholds. Given the success of DayZ, you might wonder how much traction this PvP survival genre has, rocks or not.

Turns out, a lot. In an interview with GamesIndustry International, Rust creator Garry Newman – he of Garry’s Mod fame, a game which has remained a constant feature on Steam since its release in 2006 – revealed that Rust has sold over 250,000 units and generated nearly 40% (although following the interview, he tweeted that it’s actually at 55%) of the revenue Garry’s Mod‘s achieved over a period of nine years. Newman previously revealed last year that Garry’s Mod had earned nearly $22 million (before Valve’s cut and the taxman’s tally), but it’s a testament to the brutal appeal of the semi-new survival genre that it’s moving as well as it is.


Rust in all its glory. More like Rock, amirite?

Asked whether Facepunch Studios has plans to adjust the price of Rust in the future, Newman was unequivocal: “None at the moment, no. I’d feel kind of cheeky asking any more for it, really. Maybe that will change a year or so down the line, but for now it’s not changing. Right now it seems like a good price to stick at.”

Delving into more immediate concerns for Rust going forward, Newman foresees more dramatic random events, cataclysmic natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and dinosaurs (yessssssss), the removal of the zombies to distinguish itself from that already saturated genre, and dealing with hacks that are souring new players’ initial experiences.

Source: GamesIndustry International

Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

  • XCal1bur

    Looks like real fun. Though I’m still not sure how I’m feeling about the fact that your body can be killed even when you’re logged off. Okay I would have understand if you needed to find shelter before logging off…but all your hard work disappearing even though you’re not logged in? meh…
    Still excited though.

    • Rick de Klerk

      Really? I wasn’t aware you could die while logged out of the game. That’s pretty intense.

      • XCal1bur

        I went to the official site and it was mentioned a couple of times in the forums through the getting started pages. Don’t know if it will be in the final version, but seriously it makes me dread the idea. Would make it more realistic though.

  • Alex Rowley

    Haven’t quite decided on whether to get this or Day Z. I gotta say the mention of Dinosaurs is awesome though.

    • Rick de Klerk

      Hmmm, personally, I’m not completely sold on Rust – it looks quite janky at this point. Similarly, the DayZ stand-alone reportedly has a lot of bugs and issues at the moment.

      I’m happy enough to occasionally meander around in the NAG DayZ mod server :).

      • Alex Rowley

        They are both still in their early forms so hopefully the problems will get ironed out, probably going to have to pull a “wait and see” approach with them.

        Also it’s great to see NAG has a server for DayZ :)


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