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The final nail in Star Wars 1313’s coffin

Star Wars 1313

When Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars empire, they crushed the hopes and dreams of many a Star Wars fan when, with one evil swoop of Mickey Mouse’s paw, they shut down LucasArts and cancelled Star Wars 1313.

This hurt even more when we found out the game had undergone major changes since that awesome first E3 demo, and would have featured Boba Fett as its protagonist.

Many still found a glimmer of hope that Star Wars 1313 could be saved in a licensing deal. Unfortunately, this deal did not happen and this past week the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed that Disney failed to renew the title’s trademark , thus snuffing out any hope that Star Wars 1313 will be revived.

EA and Star Wars: Battlefront are  our only hopes remaining for a good new Star Wars game… George Lucas… if you’re reading this… please save us!

PS: Keep Miklós in your thoughts after reading this – Star Wars 1313 is a bit of a sore point for him.

Source: The Escapist

  • Alex Rowley

    Dumbest move EA has done in a while, game had a lot of hype behind it.

    • Ben Myres

      I’m not actually too sure what happened here. I think Star Wars 1313 was a game that EA had no idea how to make. While Star Wars: Battlefront III is similar to their recent games like Battlefield 4 (they both have battle in them so they must be similar right? :P )

      Also, because of the hype the licence for 1313 was probably a lot more expensive than it usually would have been. In addition, the tech for that game looked ridiculous – I remember seeing that E3 trailer and just having my jaw drop. Maybe EA don’t think they can provide or achieve the same level of technical excellence?

      Sadly, I think it’s just another example of EA not taking a risk to make a game.

      • Squirly

        Wild speculation: They saw what had been built so far and it turned out to be horrendously crummy with the “tech demo” shown at E3 turning out to be just that – a tech demo.

        Not wanting to release something as hyped as that and having it crash and burn, they buried it.


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