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Alienware’s Steam Machines won’t be upgradeable


In an odd turn for Valve’s incoming PC/console hybrid, Alienware has announced that it will launch new Steam Machines every year, and that they won’t be upgradeable.

According to Alienware’s general manager Frank Azor: “There will be no customisation options, you can’t really update it.”

The announcement is sure to isolate a good portion of PC gamers that may have been keeping a curious eye on the Steam Machine, and it is also sure to scare off console gamers who won’t be too keen on shelling out around £430 for a machine that will be replaced in a year. The machine will cost roughly the same as an Xbox One or PS4; both of which are not expected to be replaced for the next five to ten years.

“There will be some configuration options when you purchase it, maybe you can get a faster CPU, maybe some more memory something like that,” said Azor.

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  • slhavec

    Thus rendering my need for the steam machine absolutely USELESS> every year a new one? hell Id rather buy a pc then.

  • XCal1bur

    Um this is really not a good idea on their part.
    Nope, I’m going consoles yet again.

  • Wesley Fick

    I can see the value in yearly upgrades. The Alienware machine is built on Kaveri and it’s AMD’s plan to offer bigger and better APUs as time passes. It makes sense for Dell to refresh their lineup every year to keep up with advances and at the same time consumers can upgrade their boxes as well.

    Sure, fragmentation could be an issue, but when you starting points are APUs which have clearly defined hardware, at least you have a good base to build on. Besides, these are still PCs at the end of the day, not consoles in the traditional sense.

  • PicklePod

    Even if they will launch one every year to keep up with technology for new buyers, perhaps the one you buy will be good for 5 years?

  • kemira odayar

    The fact that you cant update it or even so that you cant customize it puts me slightly off, do they expect us to buy one every year to get better optics?? But damn! It really does look dreamy


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