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Candy Crush Saga takes legal action against The Banner Saga


Oh FFS. Yesterday I thought that developer trademarking the word “candy” was the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. Today, however, the level of dumb just went off the charts. In addition to trademarking “candy”, has also trademarked the word “saga”, and the first company to be hit with the litigation stick is indie developer Stoic for their game The Banner Saga.

Stoic’s game released onto Steam just over a week ago. It features an epic role-playing story with turn-based strategy thrown in. It’s a game about Vikings. It has exactly nothing to do with pieces of candy and its game design is not built around exploiting player psychology. Developer is claiming that the word “saga” in The Banner Saga is going to cause confusion among customers, and that this confusion will have an effect on King’s sales of Candy Crush Saga. As a result, they want Stoic’s trademarking of the name The Banner Saga to be overturned, which will mean that Stoic will be forced to rename their game.

This “notice of opposition” was filed by King on 27 December 2013. Clearly their trademarking of the word “saga” was approved as well then. Somebody better inform Square Enix that they’re likely to be hit with litigation for their SaGa RPG series, because why should stop their levels of ass-hattery with just Stoic? On the bright side: at least we have another Game Jam because of’s stupidity.

Source: Kotaku

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  • joe

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the public could just veto idiocy like this…

    • Alex Rowley

      I actually like the idea of the public being able to decide whether a word can be trademarked or patented, because it honestly gets ridiculous and downright exploitative the why companies deal with these things, just look at how FIFA handle things here during the 2010 world cup.

  • Alex Rowley

    I think the courts should rule that the word “Saga” has no right to be attached to the game candy crush.

  • Felix101

    This is so retarded!! How can a comany trademark a word like ‘saga’ WTF?! What’s next? Soon there will be no sequels because some idiots will trademark the numbers 2 and 3. lol. How do things like this even get approved? Like ‘candy’ Really?

  • Droiddog

    Phrases in context yes not words.Why don`t I just trademark ‘the’, ‘and’ ‘of’ and ‘is’ and watch my billions role in.
    Never go people.


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