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Dark Souls 2 gets celebrity voice actor; new gameplay video


You might know Peter Serafinowicz as the guy who was in films like Shaun of the Dead or Couples Retreat. You also might know him as the guy who provided the voice-over for Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Yeah, he had one line; maybe two if you count “Yes, my master” or something to that effect. Incidentally, he was also the voice for Darth Chef in the first episode of South Park’s tenth season, “The Return of Chef”.

Now you’ll be able to say, “Oh, Peter Serafinowicz? Yeah I know him; he provided the voice for a character called Mild-mannered Pate in Dark Souls 2. It was nice to hear his soothing voice in between reading ‘You Died’ over and over again.”

Serafinowicz has always been a massive fan of the Dark Souls series, and as far as he’s concerned, Dark Souls is “the best game of all time”. This will be the first time that the series will feature a celebrity voice actor.

Below you can find nine minutes of new gameplay; I think it features around 12 deaths, which isn’t a bad average for nine minutes of Dark Souls 2! If you stick around long enough, you can meet Mild-mannered Pate around the 08:30 mark.

Via: Eurogamer

  • Squirly

    I’ll be honest, I never cared for celebrity voice acting in my games. As long as the voice actor is good I couldn’t care less and, often, having a celebrity voice I can recognize just pulls me out of it. “Oh hey, it’s Sean Bean, wonder when he’s going to die.”

    Hearing about The Elder Scrolls Online’s roster of celebrity voices just made me think “what a waste of good dev money”, not to mention that it reeks of publisher desperation.

  • NativeDman

    I gotta give em props. That is one very good voice :P


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