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Watch this: rAge 2013 Cosplay music video


One thing we’ve noticed over the last couple of years, is how the standard of cosplay has improved at each rAge. Last year’s was no exception, and thanks to the passion of hundreds of local cosplayers united under the creative banner of LegionINK, we have this awesome music video to show you.

This rAge 2013 cosplay compilation was put together by local YouTuber Kyle Goulden. He’s done a stellar job at capturing as much of the incredible cosplay as possible – and really, there was a ton of awesome cosplay last year.

You can find the video after the jump. It’s great at doing two things: 1) getting us really excited for rAge 2014 and 2) reminding us that the country we live in can be really geeky when we want to be. Good job all you local cosplayers; and Kyle deserves a super-flying-high-five for the effort that went into this video.

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  • Kyle Goulden

    You guys the best, thanks for the feature ! It means the world to me and the other local cosplayers !!

    • Miklós Szecsei

      Hi Kyle! Thanks for swinging by. Great video! Here’s your high-five: o/o

      • Kyle Goulden

        Thanks man !! :)

  • Kyle Goulden
  • KomboKitten

    yaaaaay! :D/

  • De4thDr4g0n

    -.-…..that….was…totally breathing dog licking high fiving banana eating awesome!!WELL DONE!


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