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All your music in Steam, and while you play games


Valve has just announced Steam Music – aka SteamMu, which kind of sound like an ethereal emu or something. Basically, you’ll eventually be able to import the entire pirated music collection on your PC, into your Steam client so that you can access your kieff beats while you shoot n00bs in the face in CoD: Ghosts. Oh, sorry, CoD: Black Ops 2. My bad.

Steam Music is about to hit beta for all those accessing Steam via Big Picture mode, or for all of those currently running SteamOS. It will eventually come to the standard Steam desktop client, but there’s no definite time frame as yet. The beta, if you’re interested, is of the opt-in variety, and you can enthusiastically thrust your hand into the air yelling “Me! Me! Ooh! Ooh! Mr. Steam, pick me!” by joining the Steam Music community group.

It’s quite a nice little feature being able to control an alternate playlist without having to leave the game you’re playing. Now I can finally listen to Oblivion’s superior soundtrack while I’m playing Skyrim. Hooray!

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  • Michael Bouwer

    Dude! I also though it would be rad to listen to Oblivion while playing Skyrim! XD
    My only problem with this is that I’m always on Skype with mates playing online and the music is sometimes distracting *FWP meme*

  • BinaryMind

    I find that just using a media player (winamp) in the background and the media keys on my keyboard (start/stop, next, etc) is good enough. Don’t need steam for that.


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