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Steam Dev Days talks are now on YouTube


In early January 2014, Valve hosted a two day conference in Seattle called Steam Dev Days. The entire event was strictly for developers only, which meant that none of us scummy press were allowed in to divulge all of the glorious secrets that were surely revealed behind those hallowed doors. You know which secrets we’re talking about – because it’s Valve they MUST HAVE shown off Half-Life 3 to everyone in attendance. Bastards.

Anyway, even though we weren’t allowed in (do we sound bitter?) a number of cameras were. That means that every talk that took place over the two day conference is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Not that kind of pleasure. Well, unless Linux programming or the in-game economics of Team Fortress 2 and  DOTA 2 make you moist. In which case have fun, you perverted hedonist.

In all honesty, there’s a lot of really interesting content that’s been made publically available. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Steam Machines, then you’ll find a lot of stuff to watch. Furthermore, if Valve’s new obsession with virtual reality is something you’re interested in, then there’s an entire presentation on how they’re planning to rework the Steam UI so that it’s usable in VR. Now that’s interesting. I’m hoping they go for a heads-up display kind of like what Tony Stark has inside his Ironman suit. That’d be swell. You can find all the videos as well as PowerPoint presentations and other sundry documents right over here. Have fun, nerds.

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  • Wesley Fick

    Well, I know what to fill my evening with!

  • BinaryMind

    I love how the video above is using Half Life 2 music :D

    • Wesley Fick

      Its one of the greatest soundtracks on earth, why pay someone else for their crappy music? :-P

      • BinaryMind

        Haha. Agree 100%. I should say that, what I meant by my comment, is that they keep teasing us with Half Life stuff and then say nothing about HL3. They are so trolling us!

  • Rick de Klerk

    In-game economics? Is it pay-per-view?

    But seriously, this is fantastic.


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