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Titanfall beta delayed in South Africa


We’ve received word from our friends over at IGN Africa that South Africa’s participation in the Titanfall beta has been delayed. The beta is currently accepting registrations, and those lucky enough to make it in will know by 17 February. That doesn’t leave a lot of time, so if you’re still wanting in, then you better head over to the sign-ups page now.

Unfortunately for us in South Africa, however, we might be waiting a little longer. South Africa’s slot in the Titanfall beta has been delayed, and there’s currently no date for us to look towards. Currently, EA is testing the Titanfall beta locally on a small scale before they hope to ramp up invites to test local issues. In an email sent to IGN Africa, an EA spokesperson said: “EA, Respawn and Microsoft are currently testing Titanfall on a small scale in South Africa. Once we are confident the user experience meets our expectations, we will widen the invitation to our community and fans to join the Titanfall beta. Thanks for being so patient.”

Obviously, you might luck in and find yourself with a beta key, in which case you can just go ahead and dive in anyway. Ever-lovable NAG regular Tarryn is already up to her eyeballs in the Titanfall beta, and from the sounds of things, pings to EU and US servers aren’t proving too bad.

Source: IGN Africa

  • Kyle Myburgh

    Got a Cd-key buy being freaking genius. Ping takes some getting use to. We need dedicated servers. CoD Black Ops was originally not going to have servers in SA but we won them over. We need to start begging!

    • Alex Rowley

      How is the ping? I’m assuming it’s between 200 to 300 ms since thats the normal amount to get from UK servers for most games.

      • Kyle Myburgh

        Get anywhere from 220 – 260ms ping. When you’re playing against new players it’s not an issue, but I just came from a match with some fairly decent players where I felt absolutely useless, and the ping became a glaring issue.


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