Finally, some news on Bayonetta 2. Nintendo unveiled a new trailer for the game during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. The trailer, entitled “Did You Miss Me”, starts to divulge some of the storyline that we can expect in this second outing. It also reveals a new character, and judging by the trailer it looks as if he will be playable at certain points in the game.

In addition to a new trailer, Nintendo revealed that the game will be out in Japan during their summer time, which is June to August for us in South Africa. Unfortunately, Nintendo wasn’t more specific than that, and they provided no word on a Western release date either.

You can find the new trailer after the jump. If you were a fan of the original Bayonetta from 2010 (and the game has legions of very rabid fans thanks to its impeccable combat system) then there’s a lot on display here that will look familiar.

Via: Polygon

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