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Titanfall beta now open for all who registered on PC


Good news everyone! As of a few hours ago, Respawn Entertainment has opened up the gates to the Titanfall beta for all of those who registered on PC before 16 February. So then, if you were super-keen and signed up the moment they started taking beta opt-ins, then you’ll find the beta listed under your My Games menu in Origin.

Last week we received news from IGN Africa that the Titanfall beta was delayed in South Africa. That seems to have been sorted out since then, as that header image you see above is a screen-cap from my PC this morning; I’m downloading (very slowly) the 12.38 GB beta right this moment. Over the weekend, EA opened up the Titanfall beta to everyone on Xbox One as well. If you imported one of Microsoft’s new consoles, then you’ll find access to the beta listed under the new game demos section of the Xbox One dashboard.

The Titanfall beta will run until 6PM PST on 19 February, which means we in South Africa have until 4AM on 20 February to shoot giant robots in the face. Then we’ll have to wait until the game launches on PC and Xbox One on 13 March.

Source: Twitter

  • Michael Bouwer

    Been playing for a little while now and its just EPIC!

  • Mojo

    Lets have some comments on the pings and how it effects the gameplay please guys

    • Kyle Myburgh

      Ping 220-260ms. When your opponent is wall running or jumping around the ping becomes an issue, in Titans not so much. Playable but far from ideal.

  • Kyle Myburgh

    Origin shows 12.38GB, but in reality its more like 5GB that unpacks to 12.38GB

  • Wesley Fick

    It just goes to show how much you hate Origin because you only have three games on there now :P

    • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

      Only reason I have more is because of the Humble Bundle really… Hate EA so much!

      • Wesley Fick

        Steam or nothing.

        • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

          I try to only go Steam, but has it’s charm… That’s about it really. I try to avoid EA in general.

          • Rick de Klerk

            GOG is worth supporting. DRM-free, 30-day money back guarantee and I’ve had nothing but great customer service from them for numerous issues. Have a ton of games from them, and I’ll usually try and buy new releases from them if they make it available.

    • Miklós Szecsei

      I re-installed it this AM just to download Titanfall. :


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