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UPDATE: Our version of Stick of Truth is censored

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Oh, well this is awkward: ordinarily I revel in news that Australian authorities have decided to censor some video game. In fact in December last year when Australia forced Obsidian and the South Park creators to censor The Stick of Truth, we all pointed and tut-tutted at the decision.

Except it now turns out that the version of South Park: The Stick of Truth that we get in South Africa is going to be censored as well.

On the plus side, this isn’t our local government calling for censorship; the entire EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) territory’s version is being censored. News of this censorship was revealed via a review guideline released by Ubisoft to European press. The game is out next week so review copies are already circulating among the media. Sometimes we get documents alongside the game we’re reviewing, and those documents contain additional information on the game, including anything from background lore to last minute alterations. In this case, that review document revealed that scenes had been edited and censored for the EMEA territories.

In total, seven scenes have been censored and “replaced by an image background and a description text selected by Matt & Trey [South Park’s creators]”. It sounds similar to what they did to the Australian version.

As for the scenes themselves: two mini-games have been censored that featured a doctor performing an abortion on the player, and another abortion on Randy – Stan’s dad. Additionally, five scenes of anal probing have been censored – from the sounds of it, these were the scenes that were censored in Australia as well.

The United States version of South Park: The Stick of Truth will be released completely uncensored and as originally designed. Ubisoft UK is calling the censorship a “marketing” move.

Is this a deal-breaker for you, South Park fans? Let us know below.

UPDATE: as reader Nferno points out: this censoring will only affect the console versions. The PC version remains unaltered, which begs the question: why even censor at all?

Via: Kotaku

  • FanieNel

    This is not a deal breaker, but it is a bit sad that they had to censor it. Even though it is a bit disgusting/disturbing, I want to get the full experience. Someone might figure out a patch to remove the censors eventually…

  • JP De Leeuw

    I will just buy the US version on ebay

  • CptGopher

    10 Bucks says a modder will add the scenes back in.

  • El Capitan del Blade

    Good thing I’m on PC then…

  • BinaryMind

    I really don’t mind because sometimes they just go too far. Is there no line to cross over? If it always gets more and more disturbing with no one stopping it, then what will we end up with? I believe there should be a line. I always think about how things get worse and worse for the future – no one else does.

    • Squirly

      Matt and Try have said themselves that if they draw a line somewhere, that’s pretty much the end of South Park. Who decides on where the line is? Why is one thing worth making fun of, but something else isn’t?

      And as for it being disturbing – you don’t have to watch it. Things getting worse and worse for the future? What does that have to do with a cartoon on TV? Does South Park being crude affect the moral fabric of society? Does it turn us into murderers or criminals?

      If you’ve watched the show you’ll know that Matt and Trey are the first ones to tell everyone to calm the hell down about whatever moral panic they are in at the time and get some perspective.

      And you really need some perspective – for one, you’re not the only one “worried for the future”

      • BinaryMind

        Nothing personal, just wondering: So you’re saying that if they rape a child on South park, it’s cool because it’s just South Park? There really is no line?

        I used to like South Park. It used to be funny and not toooo disturbing but now it’s just disturbing for the sake of it – like they’re not even trying to be funny or their sense of humour has just grown too sick.

        Maybe it’s just me, with my higher moral fibre than most people :)

        p.s. I’m not flaming you – I find it interesting to see other perspectives.

        • Squirly

          I’m not saying they’re free to do and show whatever. They obviously censor themselves to a degree. We’ll always run into something where we’ll go “wow, too far!” but the problem comes when we decide that it’s “too far” for everyone just because WE don’t approve. We don’t really have that right and unless what they’re doing is objectively horrendous (like glorifying rape, for argument’s sake) then we can’t go and tell them what’s fair game to make fun of and what isn’t.

          • BinaryMind

            So how do we know what is “objectively horrendous” (other than rape)? That’s my point. There’s a line that should not be crossed but I guess everyone has a different opinion on what it is. So i guess it’s not easy to solve the censoring problem.

            I’m literally thinking out loud here :)

          • Squirly

            Even if they were to make some sort of godawful statement that nobody in their right mind would agree with, at that point the show itself will wind down. It will shoot itself in the foot. The fact that there are things you find disgusting but millions are still “fine” with (relatively speaking) means that the line in question has not been crossed. Let’s face it – when SP has an abortion scene it’s not because they think abortion is a good idea, or inherently funny – usually it’s the context of the situation and the topic they’re addressing that at least puts everything in perspective.

          • BinaryMind

            Ok. I’ll accept that for now…

  • Ruskin

    This is really just a bunch of BS. Have they watched any of our news reports lately? There are much worse things going on out there. Besides the game has an age restriction doesn’t it? Why stop there. Why not remove all age restrictions and censor everything. Clearly being an adult in thrse countries doesn’t mean we can decide for ourselves what we do and don’t subject ourselves to. Stop telling me what is and isn’t acceptable for me to play or watch!

  • Tj van der Mescht

    Both my wife and I were outraged and getting ready to ask for a full refund from steam as per their pre-release refund policy,till we saw the last bit saying PC will be unaffected. Still utter BS though and would be a total dealbreaker if I was afffected.

    Just because someone else is on a diet, noone is allowed to eat doughnuts. thats horse poo.

  • South Park Fan

    Amazon, here I come. I am a huge South Park game and I’m not going to pay almost R700 for half a game. I’ll rather get the Grand Wizard Edition (Which you can’t get here), pay a little more and wait a bit so that I have the whole game.

  • Alec Samuel

    I will still get the game. I am not going to not get a game just because a couple of scenes are censored. I am not going to get upset because I can’t see things like anal probing….

  • R4mzy

    Umm, okay… I’m sure there was something in the master race membership contract on this… Err… “Contractual obligations and responsibilities,” yeah yeah, “any individual claiming to be a card-carrying member is expected to abide by the following…” meh, blahdy blah… “… failure to follow… revocation of privilege…” uh-huh, okay… “Though shalt always revere thy PC…” no, that’s not it… Hmm *scroll scroll scroll*…
    Ah! There it is: “Where clear wins of the Master Platform present themselves any and all Master Race members are expected and obligated to point them out and make them clear should any input on the topic be given by them.” Right, okay. So:

    PC FTW!

    … Contract ful- hang on… Oh, “Stupid outbursts don’t count, say it decently or opt to lurk.” Well okay:

    I think this censorship is a crock of shit and takes a steaming dump on the consumer’s freedom of choice. Were I a console player, this would completely be a deal-breaker. As sweet as it is that the PC version remains unaffected, it’s a little alarming that this kind of broad-spectrum, shotgun-censorship is happening at all.

  • Chris Kemp

    PC Master Race Member checking in to gloat :D

  • theshamster

    I’ve already imported the PS3 version from America.
    Nobody censors me!

  • Simoné Odendaal

    Well, in that case I am not even considering forking out R700 on an xbox 360 version. I will order a US PC copy as well. Its completely stupid that they censored it. Its an adult TV show for heavens sake. No child should play it in the first place and adults dont need censorship. All this because of, in my opinion, shitty parents that dont control what their children play and weak salespeople who sell items like these to the underaged.


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