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7 reasons the 2.0.1 patch will make you love Diablo III (again)

Diablo III 2014-02-25 21-27-08-89

The big overhaul for Diablo III is out. Patch 2.0.1 is a literal version 2.0 for the hack n’ slash, leaving nothing untouched in what may as well be considered a re-release. You can read the complete patch notes here, but be warned. It’s a long list. If you don’t like long lists, or just have an unnatural attraction to small ones, we’ve got some of the best reasons we think you’ll fall in love with Diablo III all over again. Or for the first time. Whatevs, we don’t judge.


No skill left untouched, some changed entirely. How each class plays and feels has been tweaked, adjusted and retooled to improve the experience. You can see the full Class change notes here. Warning, it’s a huge list. Overall, all classes are more powerful and more functional, with greater build diversity.



Admit it. You want it.


Perhaps learning lessons from the console version of Diablo III, the PC version now has a completely reworked loot drop system. Now, when weapons and armour drop they’re more likely to be better for the class you’re playing. “Smart Drops”, as Blizzard calls them. Items also have completely reworked stats (they’ll be more powerful in general), Legendaries can contain playstyle-altering mechanics, and while rares (yellows) drop less, they’re more likely to be worthwhile. Also, Legendaries drop like one every 30 minutes, and Sets have been given a huge boost. Just look at the full-set bonus on Blackthorne’s:



These don’t seem like much, but they’re surprisingly beefy. You’ll find Pools of Reflection out in the world, that give you a 25% experience bonus for a set amount of experience. But if you die before cashing out all the experience, you lose the bonus pool you had left. You can stack up to ten of these, and they persist after logging out. These pools speed up levelling to a huge degree, which combined with the difficulty settings that boost experience gain, lets you go from 1 to 60 in just a few days.

Diablo III 2014-02-26 21-21-22-76


Before, there were several tiers of crafting materials. They’ve been condensed into just two tiers, 1-60 and 60-70 (these only appear in Reaper of Souls). All your crafting materials get converted accordingly, which saves a huge amount of stash space. All crafted items also use the new Loot 2.0 system for determining how their stats are rolled, so when you craft things using your Wizard, they’re more likely to have Wizardy stats. Jewelcrafting also no longer uses any kind of resource to combine gems, other than gold.


This may be anecdotal, but multiple people (including myself) are experiencing far less to almost no frame spikes. Before the patch, Diablo III would shudder, judder, skip and spike all over the place, and it nothing to do with lag. Assets like sounds and models weren’t being precached properly, so the first time you used a skill or a monster did, the game would ‘freeze’ to load the files needed. No more! The patch included a datafile restructure that has, it seems, improved performance to the point where the game runs 60fps locked solid. The input latency also feels improved, but no confirmation if that’s a placebo effect or not.


Even though the upcoming expansion pack is still a month away, the 2.0.1 patch has started to introduce a few new things to get the ball rolling. Crafting recipies and materials for 60+ items already drop, usable once you upgrade to the expansion. New “Cursed Objects” have started to appear, which will start an event when interacted with. These may start challenging scenarios like endless monster waves and other timed events.

Diablo III 2014-02-26 20-32-23-67


* The tiered and gated difficulties of Hell, Nightmare and Inferno are gone. Replacing them, is a new “dynamic” difficulty setup where monsters level with you, but you can boost things further if you want the challenge, or dial things back if you’re getting rotflstomped. No more needing to go through the campaign four times before you get to the good stuff.

* There’s only one type of health potion now, it heals 60% of your HP. You also pick them up automatically by running over/near them.

* If you die, you can resurrect at your body (except at a boss), up to three times, before you’ll need to resurrect in town or at the last checkpoint you hit.

  • Heinrich Rall

    Just like LOD made Diablo 2, this patch will make Diablo 3.

  • Daniël Jacobus Oosthuizen

    No chance of this being available for Console hey? I found the game way too easy in normal mode and way too short too. Compared to D2 where you had to go back to previous levels/dungeons a few times to level up in order to fight a boss. I only did that once through the entire game with D3

    • Miktar Dracon

      Not sure, since the console version is done by a different developer. It’s unknown if they’ll incorporate similar ideas, or if Blizzard will request them to do so.

      • Daniël Jacobus Oosthuizen

        Maybe it will be an addition on the console version of the expansion. We’ll see

  • Aequitas

    I’m loving the new patch … and now I can’t wait for RoS!

  • RooiBosTeaBagger

    This is like a completely different game and it sounds incredible.

  • rotweiller13

    Now this might get me back into Diablo 3

  • Gareth L (That Guy)

    Well, it took two years to get the game to this point. I’ll wait two years before considering buying the expansion pack.

  • Bloody_Waltz

    It seems every change makes the PC’s stronger, from the revamped skills to the beefy, oh-so-sexy items and loot. Love the smart loot but the pools of insta-levelling are a bit much – an easier game is not necessarily a better game.

    • Miktar Dracon

      Considering Paragon levels are infinite, the Pools of Reflection are nice for early-level boosting to 60, but they’re *really* useful once you hit the upper 100s in Paragon.

  • RT9

    yoyo i’m RT9 the admin for the Diablo3 south Africa Community pls join us on for all the SA players Thanx PS:we love the Patch 2.0.1 and NAG Mag

  • PsyKo


    • Miktar Dracon

      I hate you.

      • PsyKo

        I hate myself a little. If it hadn’t been for this article, I wouldn’t have considered how awesome this ring could be. YAY 2.0.1 <3

  • Big_O

    7 Reasons why patch 2.0.1 doesn’t matter:

    1) Because the game is piss easy it doesn’t matter what you play as everything kinda works and thus requires no thinking to find a decent build.

    2) Legendaries now have random gimmicks + ordinary rare stats, doesn’t really make them more interesting just gimmicky.

    3) Easier to find loot means less longevity because it is too easy to find better gear. It makes the game more casual and will kill it off in mere weeks.

    4) Get more EXP implying you aren’t leveling super fast anyways. More Casual shit.

    5) again getting easier better gear only kills the game in the long run.

    6) Well the only decent change. But who cares if you only play the game for 2 weeks and then move on?

    7) RoS will not make anything better only slightly different.

    • Miktar Dracon

      1) If you’re playing on Torment 6 or higher, and you find it easy, you’re a liar.
      2) Those gimmicks are fun, and more in line with D2 – they encourage build diversity, since you adjust your ‘tried and true’ build to match a Legendary.
      3) I stopped listening when you said “casual”.
      4) Ditto.
      5) That’s one opinion.
      6) That’s your opinion.
      7) Sorry to hear you’re not interested. Wait, I’m not. Nobody cares if you don’t like the game.

  • Filip

    yes diablo 3 finalyl feels like a real game,if only i didnt have insaneee lag spikes

  • Nitu Andrei

    While okey, the fps isn’t so spikey anymore, I’m getting 40-45 fps on my laptop at the same settings for which i’d get 55-60 before the patch..


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