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WIN: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 goodies

Happy Friday everybody! What good is a Friday without some free stuff to potentially be snagged? The awesome people at BT Games want to fix this Friday by offering up some cool Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 treasure for you to win in celebration of the game’s launch.

Move past the break for more info.

This is a bit of a weird one, because BT Games doesn’t have any copies of the actual game to give away. Instead, what they’ve got up for grabs is 20 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 hampers, each of which contains an LoS2-themed steel book case and an LoS2 T-shirt. Again, bear in mind that the steel book case doesn’t actually contain the game. Perhaps you could use it as super-fancy storage for another game you already own? We don’t know, be creative!

There are pictures of the prizes below. All you need to do to enter is drop a comment below, and when random dates are reached, we will randomly draw 20 random winners.

  • Alister Ho


  • Michelle

    awesome prize

  • Sugar & Snark

    Great prize!

  • FerretyWriter7

    I’ll take it!!!

  • DeathClown

    you want, they want it, everyone wants it………BUT I DESERVE IT !!

  • Sidney Bower

    Awsome epic game,the case would look cool on my shelf,not to mention the shirt on my wall,great gaming cave items

  • Ryan Graham

    Awesome shirt!!!

  • C0M3D1AN

    I want….I need…..nope I want (-.-)

  • Justin White

    Epic prizes, need me some of that action

  • DeathClown

    I want to seriously play this game since the first one was EPIC !!!!!!!! and while wearing the t-shirt and rubbing it in my best friends face…………. gotta do it for Vamps out there :)

  • DeathClown

    I need this game to represent the Castlevania classic series which i started playing the 1st on good old tv game and got all excited for that beautiful pixelated graphics and chart topping 8bit music and sound……Simon Belmont will be remembered for the most legendary vampire hunter.

  • Jeffery

    I’d rock that shirt

  • Chris Roberts

    I think this is going to be a Fan-F@cking-tastic game

  • Skye

    Get my geek on! :P Need more gaming in my life

  • R4mzy

    So, I guess I’m gonna need to buy me some Castlevania now… ^^ A stellar human being by the name of Jacqui just delivered unto me the wonderful news of my randomly chosen victory! Thanks NAG and BT!

  • John-Christie Claassen

    Me want…THAT!


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